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Chamomile (Matricaria recutitia)

If all your chamomile knowledge was gleaned from reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Madeline’s Rescue, you might actually know a thing or too. You may notice that chamomile is excellent for wee ones (but don’t let that stop you if you’re a grown-up). Peter Rabbit and Madeline both received chamomile… read more

Stop Codependently Giving Your Kids Junk

Because we switched preschools this year, we had to explain the whole mother load of foods that Selah can not eat all over again. I’m nostalgically missing her old preschool, the one that was in our neighborhood before we moved. With the switch meant new teachers, new friends, new rhythms, and basically,… read more

Supplements for Sniffling Bairns

We read about Lachie MacLachlan and his bairns of 10 last week when the girls had the sniffles, so I had to put that bairns word in the title (forgive me).  Selah didn’t like the bairns book until the WEH read it in his fake Scottish accent. Fake meaning a terrible… read more

30th birthday candles

30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years

Last week, I turned 30.  Instead of eating my triple ginger coconut milk ice cream and a homemade chai cake with my close friends, I was at home coughing and congested with a ruptured ear drum.  I had to cancel my 30th birthday party due to illness.  Isn’t that a… read more

millet crusted chicken tenders

Millet Crusted Chicken Tenders

Some of you may have noticed that the herb of the month for March has not been published.  With the extenuating circumstances of February, there will be no herb of the month for March.  Rather, I am extending the herbal energy to April’s herb of the month:  licorice.  Licorice does… read more

homemade thai peanut sauce

Make Your Own Thai Peanut Sauce

My two daughters visit a private, allergy friendly daycare one morning each week.  Here’s the breakfast and morning snacks I packed for them this week: organic oatmeal with cinnamon and organic raisins organic kiwi organic beets non-organic broccoli steamed with coconut aminos To be fair, I’ll tell you that my… read more

Salted Pumpkin Seed Christmas Bark

Salted Pumpkin Seed Christmas Bark

My heart, my prayers, my tears, and my love go out to those affected by the tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. At the end of this past summer, I took my girls to a local park for one last frolic in the Seattle sunshine…. read more

The Best Vegan and Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie

Since my senior year in high school, Thanksgiving at my mom’s house meant Thanksgiving with her shady boyfriend.  Although my mom liked to pretend he was my step-dad, I wanted nothing to do with him and his Coors Light addiction.  I did not attend one Thanksgiving Day dinner at my… read more

brown rice arsenic contamination

Mr. Arsenic Is A Bad Guy & He Ruined Your Rice

If you purchase gluten-free bread to eat with lunch every day, drink rice milk daily, regularly snack on Pamela’s Chunky Chocolate Chip cookies, and then eat some brown rice with your Thai curry for dinner, you may be exposing yourself to toxic levels of arsenic.  Brown rice is pervasive in… read more

san juan islands right now doesn't mean forever

Right Now Doesn’t Mean Forever

Three weeks ago I stopped at Freddies after a late evening radiology class at a local hospital.  I was in the middle of summer quarter, which was also my first quarter back full-time since I had my second baby.  I had been out of ready-made food for a few days… read more

marshmallow root herb of the month

Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis)

If you are addicted to using the fluorescent pink tummy coolant to manage your belly pain, this herb is for you. Using marshmallow root in place of Peptol-bismol will do more for you than simply alleviate your tummy ache. Marshmallow brings healing to all tissues it touches, so much so, that… read more

kickin' piña colada chicken memorial day grill BBQ

Grilled Kickin’ Piña Colada Chicken

I am currently dairy, soy, gluten, tapioca, mango, tree nut, egg, chia seed, and hemp free.  Most carbs are out because they give me a shaky blood sugar event.  I am running out of options.  And no, I do not believe, from both my experiences and my education, that it… read more

introducing baby solid foods

Top 10 Ways to Make Babyfriendly Food

A lifetime of living with undiagnosed food reactions can cause irreversible health problems.  This doesn’t have to happen to your beautiful baby.  The tips below give you the tools you need to prevent food reactions and allergies in your growing child.  They also provide the best ways to give your… read more

sliced pears and yams layered in a dish

Sliced, Layered, & Roasted Yams n’ Pears

You don’t have to limit sharing this dish with your hippie food friends that only eat natural, sugar free foods.  Nooo!  You can make it for a potluck at your Sunday morning donut-serving church.  You can make it for your in-laws that own a bagel shop.  You can make it… read more