Detox Every Day – Series Will Return Soon

This month (and next), I will be returning to my Detox Every Day series that I started last fall.  I already talked about the first way you can detox every day by eating organic.  Now that it is summer, hopefully you have more mental energy to make space for these changes.  I focused on little ways that you can do this, but that doesn’t mean they will be easy for you.  Change is hard; it takes energy and commitment.

Detoxing is two-fold.  First, you need to stop the bad stuff from getting into your body.  If it doesn’t go in now, you won’t have to get it out later. You can keep your body clean by minimizing new exposure to harmful substances.  Second, you need to get out what got in.   If you regularly aid your body’s natural detox processes, you can can decrease the total toxic load from accumulating over time.

I’m not condemning a once a year detox, nor am I suggesting that you should be doing a heavy duty detox every day of the year.  I’m talking about things you can do year-round to help your body bear the burden of this toxic world.

There are many ways to daily detox, more numerous than my 10 little suggestions.  I did my best to pick out the top ten.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!


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