Archerfriendly is a website dedicated to teaching you about naturopathic medicine from a whole body perspective. On this site, you will find expert natural health information, allergy & blood sugar friendly recipes, and life topics that inspire a holistic approach for wellness in all areas of your life. Your diet strongly influences your physical health and your physical health requires the infrastructure of a healthy lifestyle.

The History Behind Archerfriendly

The word “archerfriendly” became a common part of Dr. Archer’s vocabulary in 2003 when she was diagnosed with a bladder condition called interstitial cystitis. It was much easier and way more fun to say that she ate “archerfriendly”, than to rattle off all the things she couldn’t eat: gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, blah, blah, blah. She used this word to describe the restricted diet she had to follow in order to manage the pain.

Eating archerfriendly gave her a bladder-pain-free life, but it didn’t make her bladder condition go away. She had to work on her spiritual self and change her lifestyle to align with the principles of naturopathic medicine. She is currently healed from interstitial cystitis, and she thanks Jesus for showing her the way to wellness when she didn’t think wellness was possible.


Dr. Archer Atkins, ND

Dr. Archer Atkins, ND

Dr. Archer received her doctorate of naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University. She has a Bachelor of Science in Health Policy and Administration from The Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Archer was an inquisitive child who loved to learn through asking as many questions as possible. Everyone told her she would be a reporter when she grew up, but what she really wanted to be was both a doctor and a botanist.

She didn’t realize that plants and medicine could be integrated in the form of naturopathic medicine until she became ill in college with interstitial cystitis. Frustrated with the conventional medical system, she sought answers for her chronic pain, and she found them!

Being a naturopathic doctor is all she was made to be and do.

Dr. Archer is married to her college sweetheart, the Wendy’s Eating Husband. They have two daughters: Selah and Re’uth.

You can schedule to see her at her private practice, Archerfriendly Wellness, in historic downtown Snohomish, WA.



The Wendy's Eating Husband

The Wendy’s Eating Husband

When Dr. Archer met her husband in college, she had a big problem with his eating habits. Habits that involved Wendy’s making a fairly regular appearance. And so started the long, hard road of health conversion.

Even though his diet has drastically improved in recent years, Dr. Archer believes he’s not quite there yet. He still occasionally indulges in the not-so-finer things like fries and Frosty’s. He considers himself her first “real-world” patient, keeping her grounded and able to relate to “normal friendly” people (those who don’t have a million food restrictions and all the latest health research at their fingertips).

You may not realize, but it takes a lot of work to run this website. This is where the Wendy’s Eating Husband (WEH) pitches in. Everything from graphic design, photography, image editing, food sampling, proofreading, feature development, site health management, marketing, and social presence are some of the many hats worn by the WEH on a regular basis.

Though Dr. Archer writes all of the article content, the WEH brings it all together. This site is considered the perfect fusion of their own unique skills and passions.

In his off-hours (which seem to be dwindling lately), the Wendy’s Eating Husband likes to play with his girls, learn about technology, play music, or watch a good movie.

The Girls

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