7 Symptoms You Bought Your First Home But Haven’t Moved In Yet

front door new house

1.  You just discovered Young House Love, and you’re completely addicted.  Excitedly, you tell your older sister the news, and she says, “I’ve been following them for years!”.

2.  The thrift store donation drop-off guys know you by name, since you’ve been there multiple times a week, every week for the past month.

3.  Your geeky, electronic loving husband orders every tool imaginable off Amazon prime, and there’s a hacksaw sitting in a box at the foot of your bed because there’s no space for it anywhere else in your 800 square foot apartment.

tools in boxes

4.  You think Home Depot is the new hangout, and it seems kind of hip since most of the workers are in high school. But then you realize that’s actually a bad thing, because it was only yesterday when they learned how to operate a forklift. You quickly figure out that Lowe’s is the cooler place to be (even if a bit pricier).

5.  You stop talking to your friends about fish oil and skin bumps, because paint colors, kitchen cabinets, and tile is much more exciting.

6.  You wish Mary Cordaro was your best friend, since she knows everything about green, non-toxic building supplies.

7.  When you finally get the keys, your Wendy’s Eating Husband needs to do some home improvements prior to the big move.  He has been suspiciously missing dinners with the family to sneak in more Wendy’s get things ready at the new house.

eating Wendy's during home improvement

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2 Responses

  1. Diane Squyres.....

    lol is all I have to say…many LOL’s


  2. Marcia Head

    Funny but true…I love to walk around Lowes and even Home Depot. I’m glad you are excited about your new house. The girls will love having a yard and hopefully Mr. Jake will like mowing. At Herbs age I think he loves NOT having one.


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