Curry Root Fries

curry root fries

When I was in college, the family I “mommy-helped” would often receive turnips through their CSA and pass them onto me because they didn’t know what to do with them.  I wasn’t quite sure either since I didn’t grow up eating turnips and didn’t know much about them.  Turnips and rutabagas seem kind of like the ghost vegetables.  They exist but they’re invisible, quiet, and shy.

I finally found a perfect use for your lonely turnips and rutabagas!  Make them into vegetable fries!

This incredible recipe was birthed a few hours before we had a guest over for dinner.  I was exceedingly surprised at how well it came out, given that I made it up on the fly.  I was making chicken curry for dinner (yes, a non-vegetarian meal), and I had bought a bunch of winter root vegetables to add some veggie to the meal.  I decided to slice them into fries, toss them in mild curry spices, and bake them with sweet onion slices and coconut oil.  The outcome was spectacular.

I have made these fries many times since, following the same recipe I developed on the fly.  I haven’t changed it once!

The taste is matched with an appealing texture.  Since the fries are baked, they do not get as crispy as they would if they were fried.  However, the liberal seasoning that engulfs the fries generates a breaded crisp.  The taste of the onion slices reminds me of the blooming onion appetizer at Outback (so if you’re missing this, you’ve got to make these).

Speaking of appetizers, these fries make a restaurant quality, archerfriendly appetizer that everyone will love.

root vegetables for fries

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2 Responses

  1. Lyndsey

    Great recipe! The leftovers were good, too! I have never used coconut oil before…decadent and rich. I also really liked the texture of the spice mixture. MMM. Thanks for this!


  2. Kristin

    Hey Archer! I’ve been meaning to make these since I saw your post and I finally made them this week. They were delicious! I changed the quantities a little bit but it was mostly the same. They were even really good cold as leftovers since it’s been so hot out. Thanks for sharing!


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