Pumpkin Curry

IMG_4993When my husband went to the store recently, I told him to pick out a weird squash for me.  I wanted to cook with a new one and I wanted to be surprised!  My husband came home, announcing that he picked out a “gold hubbard.”  Something about the name of this squash makes it fun to say.

Inspired from the gold hubbard, my recent Indian kick, and this Smithsonian article, I decided to make pumpkin curry (although it’s not really pumpkin curry).  Most people have no idea what a gold hubbard squash is, but if I say its pumpkin, they understand my curry.  If you don’t want to use gold hubbard squash, you can easily substitute in butternut squash or even real pumpkin.

My husband was very skeptical of this dish while it was in the making (I’m sure any former meat and potato eater from South Jersey would be).  He imagined it to taste like a “spicy pumpkin pie mash.”  After his first bite of the pumpkin curry, he didn’t put down his spoon until his bowl was empty.  Afterwards, he rated the dish a 9.1 out of 10.  When my husband rates an archerfriendly dish this high, it’s got to be good.

The hardest part of this dish is cutting the gold hubbard.  For me, it was a nightmare.  It took over an hour to chop up the squash, and I almost broke my knife!  Next time, I will cook the squash whole in the oven for about 30 minutes.  Partially baking the squash will make it a lot easier to chop, saving the time you’d spend trying to hack it up raw.   This recipe is very easy and quick once you get the squash chopped!

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  1. JoAnne Deibert

    I am not going to write anything Archer….cause if I do I will be here for an hour and so will you…..I love your stuff!!! You have always been an incredible person!!
    Love, Aunt JoAnne


  2. JoAnne Deibert

    PS. Any stevia recipies..??


  3. Lexie

    I’m a curry rookie, but went out on a limb and made this for dinner tonight. It came together so easily (especially since I cooked the squash in the oven), but was far too spicy for my taste. What should I change in the future to make it more mild? I’m not sure if it’s the type of curry powder, the quantity of it, or perhaps the garam masala, but yowza! It was otherwise delicious, and I’d love to make a milder version in the future. Thanks!


    Dr. Archer


    I am so sorry it’s too spicy for you! Do you happen to know the brand of Muchi curry powder you used? Although I buy mine in bulk, it comes from Frontier co-op. As far as what you’ve already made, you can probably dilute it with more coconut milk, add more honey (if your body can tolerate it), and eat it with plenty of rice (if you body can tolerate it). You could also turn it into a soup to dilute it.

    Next time, try making it with two teaspoons of curry powder instead of two tablespoons. You can easily add an additional teaspoon if there’s not enough flavor. The garam masala shouldn’t be what’s making it so spicy, at least the stuff I use isn’t spicy.


  4. Lexie

    Thanks, Archer! I’m not worried about the batch I already made – my husband loves it so much (and even added Sriracha!) that it’ll be gone in no time. I didn’t pay attention to the brand of curry powder I bought… it was from the bulk section at my local health food store, but I’ll definitely use less next time.


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