Saigon Maple Mashed Yams

When I flew to the east coast this past Christmas, I stashed about six red garnet yams in my suitcase. They took up precious cargo weight, but I didn’t care because my mother-in-law could not find them in South Jersey.  I wanted to make our signature Saigon Maple Mashed Yams for our east coast family.  My husband didn’t think it was worth it.  He thought I was bananas for packing such a thing in our suitcase, especially when it cost $20 to check it.

Due to an inconvenient snow storm, our flight did not make it to our final destination on time.  We were stranded in Pittsburgh for an extra 24 hours.  I was out of all my usual airplane snacks.  I needed archerfriendly food.  What do you think saved the day?

Red garnet yams.

I’ve made these yams every year for Thanksgiving since I moved to Seattle.  They’ve become a staple holiday dish in our family, and I’m sure they would receive much applause at your table as well.

It is essential to use red garnet yams in this recipe. They have a sweeter, richer flavor than the regular golden yam.  These special yams are what make this recipe taste so good.

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2 Responses

  1. Donna Mathwig

    Hey Archer – love your style, especially in the writing of the recipes. Easygoing, not exacting, allowing for some variation of amounts, allowing for personal tastes. It should invite many readers – that will surely find their way to archerfriendly.com – to add some healthy, tasty elements to their tables!


  2. jeff greer

    Awesome site Archer! and these Yams were awesome too, btw! Thanks for the recipes… I love ArcherFriendly Food!


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