Metro Curry Roasted Cauliflower & Kale

metro curry cauliflower and kale

I’m food-grieving right now.  My tolerance for carbohydrates has plunged.  I don’t tolerate carbohydrates well because of a condition I have called reactive hypoglycemia.  I recently got further testing done to find the cause of the reactive hypoglycemia (because that’s what naturopaths do — find the cause):  insulin resistance.  Yes, I have insulin resistance and I’m not happy about it.

I have had to cut my carbohydrate intake wayyyyy down.  More down than I would like.  I haven’t eliminated carbs 100%, but I’m being really persnickety about the ones I do eat and how much of them I eat.  It’s not fun and I do not like it.

I would love to eat an appetizer sized plate of my curry root fries, because they are my fav.  But if I ate that many, I’d max out my carbohydrate allottance for the day.  Because of their starchy carb content, they are not an ideal a-f snack right now.  Bummer.

Out of my missing carbohydrates lamentation, I have found solace in eating a new snack: metro curry roasted cauliflower and kale.  There’s no bothering of blood sugar with these ingredients.  It reminds me of a fun appetizer at a restaurant (like the curry root fries did), one that I actually enjoy and LOVE.  It’s not identical to the curry root fries, it’s a different dish, on purpose, but the flavors are still amazing.  It brings me beloved joy to make and eat something that’s friendly for my allergies and friendly for my blood sugar, with no compromise in the taste bud department.

This dish makes me happy in all kinds of ways: the smokey smell of roasted cabbage vegetables with urban Indian flavors, the glass-like yet chewy crunch of the sizzled dino kale, the meaty bites of the spiced cauliflower, the color contrast of the dark dino kale with the farm egg shell colored cauliflower, all married together with vibrant metro curry seasoning.

You can serve this dish as an appetizer, side dish, or snack.  If you are going for snazzy, serve it up with a spicy jalepeno cilantro aioli (for dipping).  If you are allergic to eggs (like I am right now), work in some tahini  instead.  This also tastes excellent with some cremini mushrooms tossed in, and goes great wrapped in foil on the grill.

metro curry cauliflower and kale

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  1. Emily

    I feel like we’re walking the same horrible path together. I was told I was insulin resistant for the first time at the age of 15 by an endocrinologist. Unfortunately, Metformin was not a good match for me. I couldn’t keep food down while I was on the stuff. Luckily for me, I was able to control (mostly) my problems with blood sugar for a few years with a low-carb diet. Low-carb then meant whole wheat instead of white, really. I’ve been diagnosed with gastroparesis and since undergone a strict detox diet (aka elimination diet). I don’t get the “violent” GI symptoms I was a few months ago if I eat a piece of bread or a cookie, but I do notice disruptions. My major problem foods are: gluten, sugar, milk, yogurt, alcohol, some fruits, and caffeine. I’ve experimented with foods after eliminating all allergens, and those were my findings. Yes, I can have cheese sometimes but no milk EVER? I’m confused by my symptoms now. Carbs induce zero to manageable symptoms for me, but I gain weight like crazy and can barely stay awake. Even gluten-free oatmeal and no sugar added brown rice cereal is giving me a brain fog and crash after an hour or two. I’m really confused. Any advice?

    Is it possible to have an allergy to sugar or carbs? I’ve heard bits and pieces about this, but I’m not sure. Am I going crazy? Help!


  2. Rose

    I can’t wait to try this. I love roasted cauliflower!


  3. diane

    Are there different types of kale?


    Dr. Archer

    YES. Four that I know of, but I am sure there are many more. Curly leaf, purple, lancinato, and red russian kale.


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