Almonds and Tapioca

Almonds and I have been BEST friends since I’ve been eating archerfriendly in 2003.  They have been my main staple and they make everything taste good.  I loved using almond flour as a gluten-free substitute in recipes, and I especially loved putting almond flour in my homemade pesto (you need to try it!).  Almonds were my go-to snack for all occasions and I could easily eat half a jar of raw almond butter as a dessert.  Oh, and almonds are the main nut in almost every flavor of Larabars.  I loved Larabars, although I did wish that they weren’t as sweet.

I can no longer tolerate almonds.  I have developed an allergy to them and had to completely remove them from my diet.  And the same goes for tapioca.

A few months after going dairy-free, I started eating a lot of Pamela’s products for the sake of convenience and time.  I made Pamela’s Bread (which is DELICIOUS), even though it contains white rice flour and sugar.  I also started enjoying Pamela’s cookies, especially their Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I would have preferred to eat whole grain cookies that contained no refined sugars in them, but there was no time to make something like that.  I had to compromise and lighten up on my whole-grain-only-no-sugar food snob-ism (more on that later).  Because I was eating tapioca flour so frequently, I developed an allergy and my body said no.

I began feeling really restricted with all of my food allergies, now that tapioca and almonds just topped the list.  I also started getting blood sugar issues.  Something had to give.  I needed more protein, so I decided to add dairy back into my diet.  I will continue to keep dairy out of the archerfriendly recipes I post (a large part of my diet remains dairy-free) until I find a more flexible allergy restriction recipe system.  I hope to incorporate more recipes that may not meet all of the archerfriendly stipulations.  Like recipes that are archerfriendly but have evaporated cane juice (sugar) in them, even though I don’t think people should be eating sugar everyday.

On the personal front, another archerfriendly baby is due August 2.  Due to being in medical school full-time with a toddler during the first-trimester, I had to take a little hiatus from blogging.  I have a LONG list of things I want to tell you about, tons of recipes to share, and I will be featuring a few naturopathic doctors I want you to meet.  Stay tuned!

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