My Kids Are Getting Organic Jelly Beans

bolga easter basket

Sometimes I imagine the conversations my daughters may have with their future therapist.

Daughter:  I hated her for depriving us of Peeps.

Therapist:  Did you get any kind of candy for Easter?

Daughter:  NO, NEVER!  She didn’t even give us organic candy.  She could have at least given us those organic, dye free jelly beans.

Therapist:  Sounds like your mom is crazy.

Daughter:  Well, she is a naturopathic doctor… But the real reason I came to see you is because I can’t help myself when Easter comes around every year.  I want to eat Peeps and Starburst jelly beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To prevent future therapy bills, as well as potential sugar binges, the Easter Bunny will be leaving a very small amount of organic based sugar treats for Selah and Re’uth.  Don’t be too surprised, though.  Selah is getting 25 organic jelly beans and a handful of organic sugar sweetened cranberries.  Re’uth is getting 5 less organic jelly beans and the same handful of cranberries.  My kids very rarely eat sugar.  They rarely get honey or molasses.  They eat a diet that’s mostly sweetened with fruit or stevia, so I feel comfortable allowing some Easter Bunny sugar piddlings.

marshmallow easter book

I am most excited to give them the classic book Marshmallow by Clare Turlay Newberry.  It’s about a baby bunny.  The picture drawn on the front of the book turns on my “awww, cute” buttons.  I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but it won a Caldecott Honor Award in 1943.  This is my little way of giving my kids a marshmallow for Easter.  If you’re looking for an awesome object to replace those junktastic marshmallow peeps, this would be it!

How much sugar are you allowing in your kids’ Easter baskets this year?  None? Some?  What creative gifts are you doing in place of popular candies?

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3 Responses

  1. Ebun

    I gave my nanny kids goldfish crackers, a tshirt, a book, and a mini magna doodle. I think kids are more excited for a bunch of little things.


  2. Rose Rothermel

    You need to create organic peeps!


  3. Erika

    My sister’s kids got eggs filled with various cereals: cheerios, chex, “Gorilla Munch” (sweet like candy). They LOVED it. They have no idea what they were missing. Plus the raisin boxes they got were a huge hit. Granted they are 1.5 and 4, so that might not fly for too many more years.


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