Strawberry Coconut Quinoa Cupkins

Before I officially named these stevia sweetened, silky smooth strawberry cupkins, I took them to a gathering and told everyone they were archerfriendly strawberry cupcakes.  “I’d like them better if I didn’t think ‘cupcake’ before I bit into one,” said my hippie friend after sampling one.

This is the tension I tussle with when I designate an archerfriendly food with a name that’s associated with throat-coating sweetness.  I had the same problem when I made archerfriendly brownies in college.  I do not mean to condemn the cupcake, but it’s not something we should be eating regularly.  Yes, I have had archerfriendly cupcakes (“archerfriendly” but with lots of sugar on top), mainly from Flying Apron, and the frosting makes my throat feel as though I just swallowed a liquid lollipop.  But I don’t deny that the cupcakes at Flying Apron are DELICIOUS (especially their cardamom chai cupcakes).

When you don’t eat sugar regularly, it doesn’t take much for a food to taste sweet.  Besides, I think we need to re-program our brains into liking things with less sugar (or no sugar for that matter).  It’s just better for us that way.

If you like to eat Betty Crocker cupcakes, than these will be an archerfriendly adventure for you (meaning you might not like them).  If you don’t eat sugar, I trust that you will enjoy these Strawberry Cupkins as a delightful treat.  I really wanted to make a “cupcake” that was purely stevia sweetened, so here you have it (well it also has strawberries, do they count?).  You can add a tablespoon or two of honey if you prefer them a tad sweeter.

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3 Responses

  1. Erika

    Making my mouth water. Thanks Archer! You’re a great parasympathetic stimulant!


  2. Kika

    These look great. Do you think I can grind my quinoa to make the flour? Have you ever made these egg-free? If you do, I’d be interested. Otherwise I might just pull the egg and improvise as I usually do.


    Dr. Archer

    Hi Kika,

    Quinoa needs rinsed before it is eaten because of the saponins on its outer surface. Its difficult to dry the quinoa once it is rinsed in order for it to be ground into a flour (I tried!). If you do not have quinoa flour, you can try rinsing the quinoa, soaking it, and grinding it wet. I’m not sure how it would substitute though.

    I have also never made these egg-free. I’m not sure how they would turn out, but if you try, let me know!


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