Rustic Teff Baguette

Yesterday, I ate slices of this rustic teff baguette after dinner, dipped in fresh basil and oregano infused olive oil.  Today, I ate it for breakfast, some slices with butter and other slices with sunflower seed butter.  This afternoon, I made baguette number two, which allowed me to enjoy a few more slices, plain and warm from the oven.  Before dinner today, I ate more, for another round of dunk-a-roo in the previously mentioned herbal infused olive oil.

Can you tell how much I love this bread?  I’ve been craving a good “dipper” bread, especially since my husband is addicted to dipping (non-gluten-free) bread in homemade basil pesto.  I’ve wanted to dip, too!  On my own plate of course, separate from gluten contamination.  This bread definitely makes an excellent dipper bread, especially for flavor and texture.  It’s not made for a lot of man-handling, although it held up well with gripping toddler hands.

Speaking of toddlers…The size of the slices, since it is a baguette, makes it particularly appealing to the finger-food-fancying toddler crowd.  If you’re looking for a gluten-free, toddler friendly bread, this is it!  My toddler happily joined me for the several courses of rustic teff baguette slices I consumed today.  And she asked for more!  This is the same toddler who normally isn’t very interested in gluten-free bread.

Tastes best freshly baked, so make sure to eat it that way (I guess that’s obvious).  I ate morning after bread, which was still delicious and did not crumble into pieces of sand like many day old gluten-free breads do.  I haven’t kept it out much longer than that, but I would assume its durability decreases with each day it grows old.  I put some slices from a freshly made baguette in the freezer today, so we’ll see how they turn out.  I’ve found that freezing homemade gluten-free bread the day I make it has preserved it better than any other method.  That is, if there is some left over, and it hasn’t been out for 24 hours.

This bread also contains no xanthan or guar gum.  Instead, I used a decent amount of ground flax seed meal (it was no measly pinch) to bind it together, which yielded the rustic look and feel of the baguette.

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2 Responses

  1. Kate Ward

    Everyone in my house LOVED this bread. This tasty, hearty bread was the perfect accompaniment to soup on a cold night. Archer, any update on the result of freezing the leftovers?


    Dr. Archer Atkins

    Oh, Kate, you are so kind! Thank you for testing out another one of my recipes! I froze it a long time ago, and I can’t remember the result with full clarity. I think it may have been fine but slightly more fragile.


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