Vegan Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free Cranberry Orange Bread

I closed my medical practice in December 2017 to take a sabbatical. As a result, my sabbatical coincided with the entire calendar year of 2018, making 2018 a really special year. I spent a lot of time outside, climbed mountains, did a lot of handstands, and went through major de-cluttering of my home. Now that we’ve gotten rid of three thousand dollars worth of stuff, the next step is clearing out my paper mess. My papers have piled up for many years, and it’s in embarrassingly bad shape. This is my first post in 2018, and my primary motivation, was so that I could throw out the paper notes for this recipe. #progress

This is a recipe I’ve had for a while. In fact, the original version was posted on archerfriendly in 2011! A few years ago I re-made the recipe to exclude eggs and walnuts, since I no longer tolerate those foods. Taking out the eggs made it vegan. I make this bread every year around Christmas time, and ever since I’ve updated the recipe, I’ve had to rustle through the paper pile(s) to find it. I will not have to do that any more!

What’s extra special about this orange cranberry bread? I put an orange peel in it. Not orange zest, but an entire peel! The white part of the peel, otherwise known as the pith, is full of bioflavonoids. How could I not puree it up and stick it in my bread? Now, I did hold back. I only put the peel of one orange in the bread, otherwise it’d be too bitter to be enjoyable.

Speaking of oranges, in lieu of orange juice, I use orange puree. You need a Vitamix or a really good blender to puree an entire orange with it’s peel. Using a pureed orange rather than orange juice is more of a whole foods way about things. More nutrients, more fiber. I’m not really into straight-up orange juice (too hard on the blood sugar).

This delicious gluten-free cranberry bread is sweetened with fresh oranges and stevia. That’s it. There’s no sugar!

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  1. Diana

    Oh wow! Thanks so much for this bread idea. This reminds me of the vegan banana bread which we make so often when we go in vegan mode. Do you want it?
    Also, I am so happy for your amazing progress while off in the mountains and at the same time, so happy to hear you’re back! We love you!!


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