Grilled Kickin’ Piña Colada Chicken

kickin' piña colada chicken memorial day grill BBQ

I am currently dairy, soy, gluten, tapioca, mango, tree nut, egg, chia seed, and hemp free.  Most carbs are out because they give me a shaky blood sugar event.  I am running out of options.  And no, I do not believe, from both my experiences and my education, that it is normal to have this many food reactions, allergies, and intolerances.  It is not normal.


When I eat this sassy Hawaiian styled chicken, I do not feel deprived.  It tastes like a girly tropical cocktail reincarnated on the grill—pineapple garnish included but sans the rum.  Paprika and cayenne carry this creation to the savory side, and fresh ginger ties it all together.  Perhaps that fresh ginger will counteract all those pro-inflammatory free radicals that are produced from the blackening of the chicken on the grill.

kicken' piña colada chicken memorial day grill BBQ

The recipe is flexible, as long as you have the basic ingredients.  You could use crystallized ginger instead of the fresh ginger.  You could use Trader Joe’s chile spiced pineapple in the sauce instead of the canned pineapple and cayenne, but you will probably need more coconut milk if you do that.  If you have diabetes or reactive hypoglycemia, you should omit the honey.

If you want people to think you used to be the head chef in a restaurant, make this on Memorial Day.  It is one of my most well loved recipes, east and west coast alike.  Your friends will never know you got it off a hippie weirdo food website.  Even the manliest of men have succumbed to its succulence.

A little a-f business news flash for you:  I am not limiting a-f recipes to things that I can only eat in the present moment.  I would like everyone to find whole foods, blood sugar balanced recipes here.  Eat what is friendly for you!  Red Moose Cloud developed a new recipe filtering system for archerfriendly so that you can find recipes specific to your own food allergies. Check it out on the food page.

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3 Responses

  1. Tara Smith

    I realize that I am about a year late to comment on this post, but I remembered seeing this previously and have been craving it lately (even though I’ve never even had it!). I’m excited to try it out this weekend!

    I also wanted to tell you that I am enjoying your recipe filter tool to the fullest! I LOVE it!


    Dr. Archer

    Never too late to comment! Tara, you will love it! IT’S SERIOUSLY AMAZING.

    Thanks for the compliments on the recipe filter tool. I can’t wait until I am done school, so that I can post more recipes to beef up the database on here!


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