The Message of the Blessing

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Several times throughout my childhood, I lost the tender loving care that comes from a core relationship.  I felt abandoned, on repeat.  The repetition of these unfortunate circumstances pounded a negative message into the very core of my being — deeper and harder and sharper each time it came around.  The message?

“You’re worthless.”

This was the message my self-hating actions mouthed over my body every time I cursed it.

In order to get to a place where I could truly bless my body from all the ventricles of my heart, I had to recognize that this message was a lie.  I had to find a new message to believe.

It is only out of this new message that I am able to bless my body with all of my being.  Blessings and curses pour out of what we believe about ourselves.  If you are believing a negative message about yourself, it will be a battle to bless your body.  Blessing your body is a way to send yourself a much needed love note with an intentional message:  You’re worth it.

You are worth all the blessing in the world.  Your body is worthy of love and time.  You, my friend, are worth it.

What do you need to believe about yourself to treat your body with tender loving care?

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7 Responses

  1. Debbie Young

    Love this! It’s the human condition, we are needed but can be healed. Thanks.


    Dr. Archer

    Debbie – thanks so much for adding to the conversation. I love your point that we are needed. It helped me think about having value in terms of being needed. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Keya

    I think you said it so well here Archer. We all need to know (not just intellectually understand) that we are golden. We are important. That we matter, That we are loved and we are beautiful. Even when the situations of our lives don’t seem that we. Knowing what we really are does (as you said) lead us to blessing ourselves physically and blessing other people.


    Dr. Archer

    Hi Keya – Thanks for sharing and adding to the conversation. I like your summary – that we are loved even when the situations of our lives seem to speak against that. Our value doesn’t come from our circumstances.


  3. Anita @ Dreaming Beneath the Spires

    Archer, I love this post. It’s where I am–needing to bless my body, and love my body, verbally, mentally, in with what I feed it. I am really enjoying healthy eating–easier in this incredible heat!


    Dr. Archer

    Anita, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here! It really means so much to me that you love this post! It’s hard being brave to bring these things into the light. Glad to hear you are enjoying healthy eating. I’m following your blog and the health journey you are on right now…really enjoying reading up on that!


  4. Jessica Ketola


    Love your courage to share your own journey. I too struggle with blessing my body. Sometimes it seems we are in a war and right now no one is winning. Love your site and your writing.


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