30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years

30th birthday candles

Last week, I turned 30.  Instead of eating my triple ginger coconut milk ice cream and a homemade chai cake with my close friends, I was at home coughing and congested with a ruptured ear drum.  I had to cancel my 30th birthday party due to illness.  Isn’t that a bummer?

Sickness can steal a party but it can’t take away all I’ve learned in 30 years:


1.  Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it.  Even if it’s $2.00.

2.  Americanos are cheaper than lattes.  They also happen to be healthier because you’re avoiding all that non-organic chemical milk.

3.  Pay off debt as soon as possible, but don’t ruin your health to do so.  Your health is worth more than being debt free.

Fashion & Clothes

4.  Always try clothes on before you buy them.  Always.  Even if you are shopping with two kids and it feels impossible.  It will be more impossible to take two hours of your time to return it later.

5.  Add a random pop of color to every outfit.

6.  It’s OK to look cute, even though you grew up thinking it was the devil.

7.  It’s time to stop buying XL clothes from the little girls section at Target.  They were not made for 30 year olds.

8.  Always, always go for the shoes with the best support, even if it takes your outfit down a notch.

9.  Buy quality underwear.  Cheapo ones aren’t worth the wedgies.

ice cream in the city with kid


10.  Having girl best friends is more important than having guy best friends. Guy friends won’t stick around once you’re married, but girl friends will.  Find girl friends and invest in them.

11.  Nurturing a friendship is more rewarding than checking an item off the to-do list.

12.  Assume the best possible motive of everyone, no matter how poorly you think they behave.


13.  Sleep is way more important than you think.  I know it’s been the first thing to go since you could set your own bed time, but you’ll be so much happier & healthier if you make this a priority.

14.  When you feel tired in the evening, get in bed instead of clicking around on Facebook hoping to gain an upswing of energy.  Facebook will never energize you.

15.  In all situations, floss every single day, no matter what.  Even if you’re in medical school averaging 4 hours of sleep a night.

16.  You eat food like you wear out songs listening to them on repeat.  Stop eating the same foods every day and rotate your diet as much as possible.

17.  The less white sugar you eat the better you will feel, but if you avoid it perfectly in all situations, it might be a sign of OCD.

kids eating doughnut


18.  Your kids won’t die if they eat a donut (but if you don’t check the ingredients and it’s a vegan donut made with soy, they might get a rash).

19.  It’s OK that you don’t make a homemade breakfast for your kids everyday.  You’re in medical school with two kids and you have a blog and your husband has two jobs.

20.  Make a date with your husband one night a week, every week, even if that date night is spent at home pretending to eat popcorn on your leather couch.

21.  Have a daily activity that the entire family participates in every day.

22.  Judging other parents for their poor parental choices is a dysfunctional way of making yourself feel better for your own lousy self worth as a parent.


23.  The hardest, most detail oriented way to do things is not always the best way.  There’s an easier way that still gives great results.

24.  Be a workaholic when you’re supposed to be working but know when to stop.  It’s OK to take a break.  In fact, it might make you a better workaholic during designated work hours.

Self Development

25.  Travel the world as much as possible, whenever possible, especially before you have kids.

26.  The world is not all black and white.  Grey exists, and it feels uncomfortable, but that’s OK because you don’t have to figure it all out.

27.  Vulnerability is a gateway to confidence.  The more vulnerable you are, the more confidant you become.

28.  Making space for tears makes room for laughter.

29.  The persistence you have shown in your healing work will pay off.

30.  You don’t need someone else’s approval to be who you were made to be.

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4 Responses

  1. Emily

    This is another lovely post! Great lessons for all. I hope you feel better soon :)


  2. Paul

    Excellent thoughts.

    I definitely need to follow your advice in #16. I eat the same things all the time.

    Also, this is great: “You don’t need someone else’s approval to be who you were made to be.”


  3. sandy

    Happy belated birthday. Celebrate it any day-with your friends. :)


  4. Jeramie Joy

    I would say Have me and women friends you might learn for m both . I love your life Happy 30 and live it to fullest and don’t give up . Jesus loves both you and Jake . Thanks again for giving me time at your house with both of you . Both Girls and guys can lean form each other I love both . I love the way people can talk with both men and women . I have both kinds of friends, I love them all. Thank you for being you ,


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