Exercise Your Life: Six Areas to Sweat it Out

exercise your life

Your life infrastructure sets the foundation for your health to thrive.  There are things you need to have in place in your life to succeed at this having-a-healthy-body biz.  The next two weeks, we will be looking at 6 life areas that set the stage for you to have the health you have always wanted.

It is usually the people who have their life ducks in a row that eat the best stuff, sleep 8 hours a night, and have regular bowel movements.  Why?  Because everything in their life affects these very basic functions.  Getting your life in order comes first.  Those who have done this seem to have the best results when working on their health.

It may look like it, but I don’t always have my life ducks in a row.  At some points in my life, I didn’t even have one life duck to start a row.  These 6 areas are the places I have struggled the most, and by working on them myself, I’ve seen it affect my physical well being.  I share them with you out of my own experiences.

It’s hard to implement new health behaviors when your life system is in shambles.  That’s why we are here, talking about these things to help you get your life ducks in a row.  It’s not easy exercising your life, but just like real exercise – it always pays off.  The work you do in these 6 life areas will sharpen your life in a way that carries your health to a whole new level.


Exercise Your Life

#1: Run with Time

#2: Wrangle Your Health Care Costs & Benefits

#3: Lick Your Greenbacks Into Shape

#4: Stop Swimming in Chaos

#5: Clean Your Nest

#6: Strengthen Your Core Relationships

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