Black Beluga Lentil Breakfast Soup

Black Beluga Lentil Breakfast Soup

I had to break up with my morning oatmeal because it gave me an uncomfortable 10am hypoglycemic blood sugar crash every single time I had it for breakfast. It didn’t matter that it was unsweetened. It was the cooked oats. They rapidly converted to sugar in my body, making them a terrible option for a blood sugar balanced breakfast.

The problem is that cooked oatmeal rapidly converts to sugar in your body too. This means that yes, oatmeal is not the best idea for optimal blood sugar balance at breakfast.

Knowing this truth about cooked oatmeal for breakfast devastated me. What else was I going to eat for breakfast that was hot and soupy and mushy and sweet?

Then I found Mung Bean Breakfast Soup, and I was in love. You loved it, too. It didn’t bother my blood sugar. Win!

Now we have another option: Black Beluga Lentil Breakfast Soup.

Even though rice and my pancreas are not the best of friends, the 1:4 ratio of black forbidden rice to black beluga lentils does not bother my blood sugar. Maybe it’s all those black proanthocyanidins! They are powerful blood vessel beautifying antioxidants that make up the black pigment in both the lentils and the rice.

I loved this breakfast soup so much that it inspired me to make my Triple Black Vegan Cake.

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2 Responses

  1. Kate Nelson Ward

    Hey Archer! I’m eager to try this alternative to breakfast cereal, but my body always has a difficult time digesting black beluga lentils. Any thoughts about why this might happen, and ways to overcome this so I can enjoy the beluga lentils?


    Dr. Archer Atkins

    Hi Kate! It’s true that black beluga lentils can be hard to digest. If someone gets stomach pain after eating them, they most likely need a digestive enzyme to aid their digestion. If the problem is flatulence from the lentils, then it’s an issue of building up the flora in the large intestine.

    Soaking the black beluga lentils overnight certainly helps, but they could also be cooked longer (may need more water) or even pureed. I do make sure to take a strong digestive enzyme when I eat this breakfast soup, since I don’t have the best digestion, so that could help as well.


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