Your Body Does Not Need Any More Candy

girl in elmo costume on halloween eating candy

Halloween is over, and so is its candy. If you still have Halloween candy lingering about the house, it’s time to dispose. Your kids don’t need it anymore and neither do you. Don’t take it to work like the Wendy’s Eating Husband did (because they shouldn’t eat it either!). Just throw it out.

While we’re at it, let’s get rid of all the candy in the house. You can keep your organic extra dark chocolate, since it has antioxidants that bless your heart with health. Everything else? Trash it.

Let’s live candy free for a bit, and see how we do. Can you make it until Thanksgiving, without any candy?

I bet you can. Actually, I know you can. It’s possible to live a candy free life!

When you feel that hankering for a 4pm pancreas-poisoning sugar nugget, eat some protein instead. You could eat a hard boiled egg, some raw almonds, a piece of cheese, or a greek yogurt. The protein will balance your blood sugar and help to squash that sugar craving.

Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to eat candy in December, which of course, you could turn down. But for now? Let’s be candy free until Thanksgiving. Not just for ourselves but also for our kids.

Being candy free until Thanksgiving means turning down those Andes mints you get with your check at the tea shop. It means snacking on sunflower seeds at work instead of your office mate’s Milky Way stash. It means avoiding all the chocolate samples at Costco. It means turning down the lollipops when your kids find Freddie the Frog at Trader Joe’s. It means going through the grocery check-out in the family aisle so that you’re not tempted to buy a Baby Ruth. It means keeping an apple in your purse so that you can eat that when you’re out and about instead of a pack of Skittles.

To pull this off, you’ve got to stay nourished and hydrated. You know how to do that. You know what foods nourish your bones and you know that you might not be drinking enough water. Tune into what your body needs, because it’s not candy.

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