Mariachi Quinoa Salad

Cinco de Mayo mariachi quinoa salad

Tequila is a good way to piss off a liver.

If you want to be the nerdy liver advocate at your Cinco de Mayo party, set a bowl of this salad right next to the mojito bar.  It contains two liver superfoods:  kale and lime juice.  Both of these foods help detoxify your liver.  After all that tequila, your liver is really going to need a hug.  Send it some fiesta love by eating this salad at your Cinco de Mayo party.

Your friends will never notice the organic purple kale.  The mariachi flavors entertain the tongue with freshly chopped jalapeño pepper singing the hottest note.  It’s harmonized with a sour green apple and smokey cumin.

Don’t forget about your blood sugar (your liver is in charge of that too!).  I know you love those salty organic corn chips with that homemade salsa!  Eat a bunch of corn chips with all those mojitos, and your liver is really going to rage.  Balance those carbs with some protein!

[If you’re a hippie foodie, you can skip the  next paragraph since you already know all about the trendy “grain” known as quinoa.]

The base of this salad is made with quinoa (pronounced “KEEN-wah”), an ancient Incan seed that is used as a grain.  Quinoa is a complete protein source, since it contains all of the essential amino acids.  Not only that, it’s rich in magnesium.  Magnesium is good for migraine headaches, and having a little extra magnesium in your system might not be a bad idea for the morning of Seis de Mayo. Quinoa can be eaten cold or hot.  It cooks super fast and easy, and makes a delicious breakfast.

Make sure they don’t spill the tequila in your Mariachi Quinoa Salad!

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5 Responses

  1. Marcia

    Saturday is May 1st and a holiday in Kentucky–Its the 137 running of the Kentucky Derby and many margaritas and mint juleps will be drunk.


    Dr. Archer

    Marcia – What are traditional foods made to celebrate the Kentucky Derby in Kentucky?


  2. Marcia

    Kerns Derby Pie is the official pie (there are many imitations which are good)
    Kentucky Burgoo
    Country Ham
    Cheese Grits

    Louisville almost shuts down for Derby Week. Its crazy around here.


  3. Pragati

    Sounds delicious! I’ll have to try this :)


  4. Diane Squyres

    Wow love the idea! Sounds great! loved the write up too


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