Spinach, Banana, & Ginger Smoothie

green smoothie with spinach banana ginger

Ever since I suggested that you add fresh ginger to your green smoothies, I couldn’t resist.  I’ve been adding it to mine, and wow, has it taken me for a tasty ride!

I’m a sensitive one.  If I eat too much ginger, I get esophagitis.  Especially if that ginger is raw.  One time I drank raw beet and ginger juice. That one hurt.  Real bad.  That experience scared me away from adding gobs of fresh ginger to my smoothies.  If my esophagus is flared up, then I can’t enjoy the spicy Indian and Thai food that I love so much.  And then I’m downing DGL and slippery elm to get it back to normal.

So, sensitive ones, easy on the ginger, ok?

This smoothie is easy on the ginger.  All you need is a green pea size of ginger, and the ginger zip is totally there and alive on your tongue, but still friendly to your food chute.  Plus, the bananas balance out the spice of the ginger.  Bananas are good for esophagitis.  They cool it down.

Speaking of going easy, I’ve got to go easy on these bananas.  Bananas are high in sugar.  I’m sure you knew that, right?  That means if you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or have insanely chronic problems with hypoglycemia, you should steer clear of the yellow mushy monkey food.  Tomorrow, I’m going to do this smoothie with full fat coconut milk (gotta get that tropical feel in there) and some stevia to replace the missing banana sugars.  You can do this too, if you can’t have bananas.  Smoothies are flexible!

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5 Responses

  1. Marcia

    Let me know how the stevia and coconut milk work out.


    Dr. Archer

    Marcia – the coconut milk and stevia substitution was delicious. I used a little bit more ginger though. I made two of them in a row, I liked it so much!


  2. Janet Croneberger

    Archer, thanks again sounds like a winner to me making it in the morning for my pre-walk drink!!


  3. lisa wellington

    so good! I’m sipping mine now! I used what I had: frozen spinach, powdered ginger, ripe banana, some ice cubes, and get this: I didn’t have any lemon so I used my Lemon Flavored cod liver oil (a hefty tablespoon). Thanks again Archer! (My mung beans are soaking as I type…)


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