Sliced, Layered, & Roasted Yams n’ Pears

sliced pears and yams layered in a dish

You don’t have to limit sharing this dish with your hippie food friends that only eat natural, sugar free foods.  Nooo!  You can make it for a potluck at your Sunday morning donut-serving church.  You can make it for your in-laws that own a bagel shop.  You can make it for your Gram that lives in the boondocks.  All of them, the fast food junkers and even the candied corn syrup yams-in-a-can people, they will like this!

No need to be shy about your health food.  It’s ok to come out of the closet with your cooking.  Bring what you eat to the potluck.  Don’t just make what everyone wants you to make!  Your tasty health food might convert someone, you know.  (Totally giving myself a pep talk here…)

Last Easter, I made this dish for an Easter dinner with my friends.  It was a last minute recipe combo with ingredients I had on hand.  My friends at this dinner, they eat normal, but they are always eager to try my experiments.  I didn’t think I’d get such a response as I did.  They loved it.  The Normal Eaters!  It even had stevia in it.

I have made this recipe since then (because it is so delicious), but I have been holding myself back from sharing it with you until now.  Consider this post a virtual Easter egg and the recipe as your egg prize.

Sorry.  That’s weird.  Virtual a-f Easter eggs?   I wonder what they would look like.  All easter eggy weirdness aside, you can still receive this recipe as my Easter present to you.  I’ve saved it, special, just to share it with you at this time.

Because of the holiday, my local grocer has yams AND (organic) pears on sale this week.  I hope yours does too, since you’re going to make this for dinner on April 8, 2011.

One of the spices in this recipe is the herb of the month for April!  Can you guess?

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2 Responses

  1. Emily

    Archer- this looks delicious! I just bought a bunch of yams on sale, and I will definitely have to try this for Easter dinner at Jeff’s grandma’s on Sunday.

    My nutritionist has had me complete a 30-day detox diet and we’re not introducing new foods/possible allergens into my diet. I found out yesterday that I cannot have corn, just like you. My next two experiments will be g-free oats and hormone-free yogurt/cheese.

    I can actually eat (and make!) this recipe sans maple syrup. I am on the stevia bandwagon now, though! Keep the recipes coming, and I’ll have to let you know how my “homework” goes afterward.

    Thanks again for your blog :)



    Dr. Archer

    Hi Emily! Thanks so much for your comment. I hope the dish turned out well and tasty for you! Yeah, there is not a lot of maple syrup in this recipe — its mainly in it for flavor. I have made this dish both with it and without it!

    That’s fun that you’re a stevia junkie now. I love stevia!


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