A Day in the Life of Archerfriendliness

Black beluga lentils and black forbidden rice with coconut milk for breakfast

8 am.  Black beluga lentils and black forbidden rice with coconut milk for breakfast.  It’s the third day in a row of eating this, and I’m getting a little sick of it.

Kaffeeklatsch Americano

9:30 am.  I purchase and very slowly sip a 12 ounce Americano made with organic, locally roasted beans at a little German coffee shop called Kaffeeklatsch.  I bring my own organic heavy whipping cream pretreated with too much stevia in a recycled jelly jar that has no lid.  It is my breast fed baby that doesn’t like dairy, and heavy whipping cream has barely any dairy proteins in it. You could say I’m milking the system.

12:00 pm.  Starving!  I can barely wait for lunch so I nibble on the following while I prep food for my kids:  organic baby carrotts, organic cherry tomatoes, organic white beans, and then a piece of all natural turkey breast from the Costco pack (because I can’t wait) at 12:20 pm.

baby carrots

cherry tomatoes

white beans

all natural turkey lunchmeat

12:45 pm.  Time for the mom to eat.  I eat 1/2 an organic white peach because it’ll be balanced by the protein in the Gobble Up Collard Roll-Ups I’m about to devour.  The collard roll-ups today are made with turkey breast, sprouts, onion, garlic powder, Himalayan pink sea salt, and red wine vinegar.

organic white peach

collard green turkey roll ups bean sprouts

3:45 pm.  Getting the afternoon slumpy dump:  hungry and tired.  I make some Tazo chai, cream it up with a touch of (cheater) organic heavy whipping cream, and over sweeten it with too many taps from the Trader Joe’s stevia bottle.  I snack on some organic baby carrotts, Adam’s natural PB (because Costco ran out of their organic PB line) sprinkled with pink himalayan sea salt (I might have a little pink sea salt obsession), and more Red Hot Blues than the picture indicates.  Then I think about how terrible my example to you is — eating refined carbohydrates such as Red Hot Blues!  I feel the bad-for-the-blood-sugar guilt.

snacks carrots red hot blues coffee while kid coloring

4:00 pm.  I graze on a little more peanut butter with pink himalayan sea salt just to be blood sugar safe since I probably shouldn’t have eaten those Red Hot Blues, but I did, and I don’t want a hypoglycemic event.  (Photo not shown.)

green grapes

5:00 pm.  I eat four(!) grapes during dinner prep because that’s all my blood sugar can handle.  I wasted my carbs on the nutritious Red Hot Blues.

broccoli, balsamic tomatoes, roasted chicken

5:15 pm.  Dinner!  I can’t believe I pulled it off today and I’m eating at 5:15 and had the time to take a picture.  Dinner is oven roasted whole chicken marinated in Follow Your Heart’s Spicy Balsamic Barbecue Sauce (my FAVORITE barbecue sauce), steamed broccoli, and some sliced heirloom tomatoes from my garden with pink himalayan sea salt and organic balsamic vinegar.

girl holding honeycrisp apple at farmers market

6:30 pm.   On a last minute whim, the kids and I visit our local farmer’s market.  I eat the rest of my daughter’s gigantic Honeycrisp apple that she picked out by herself but could not finish in the same fashion.

10:30 pm.  I’m getting the bedtime munchies, so I snack on some chicken pieces from dinner. (Photo not shown.)

11:30 pm.  The post-bedtime snack hankering is super strong.  I sip hot chocolate made with coconut milk, (cheater) heavy whipping cream, filtered water, raw cocoa, stevia, vanilla, and pink himalayan sea salt while I type my food notes for this article.

Every day is different.  The actual day this food was consumed occurred last week.  What did you eat today?

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5 Responses

  1. Janet Croneberger

    Love that you continue to share, my question is about the collards I see you are eating them raw did not know you could, because they tend to be bitter and they are a though leaf are they easy to digest in the raw state? Also is there a benefit to that or is it just your preference.


    Dr. Archer

    Janet – you are so sweet. Thank you for your encouragement in all of the comments you leave! Yes, I love to eat collards raw as a wrap. I have found that non-organic collards taste bitter due to the pesticide, but organic ones are less bitter. Have you tasted the bitter taste with organic collards? And yes, they are tough. I like to wash them, cut out the stem, and store them in the fridge for a day prior to eating. The washing, cutting, and storing, promotes some oxidation that softens the leaves nicely.


    Dr. Archer

    I forgot to say that they are also a part of the cruciferous family, making them great detox food. I do prefer them in the raw state, but they can be hard on the thyroid when eaten raw.


  2. Diane Squyres

    Enjoyed following your meals today! A lot of prep time involved…


    Dr. Archer

    Yes, prepping food is my life! Do you eat food that doesn’t require prep time? I thought you made everything you eat!


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