Vegan Gluten Free Pie Crust (Without Coconut Oil)


pie crust gluten free vegan Pennsylvania Dutch berries

I grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch land, where pies are a very big deal.  I also happened to have Pennsylvania Dutch grandparents who loved to make pie, and I would go to the Pennsylvania folk festivals every year (in costume) where I got to taste a lot of homemade pie.  The Pennsylvania Dutch LOVE pie (so did I).


pie crust gluten free vegan ingredients

After reading the following excerpt, I felt a little more normal for my excessive pie consumption as a kid:

“The Pennsylvania Dutch eat pies for breakfast. They eat pies for lunch. They eat pies for dinner and they eat pies for midnight snacks. Pies are made with a great variety of ingredients from the apple pie we all know to the rivel pie which is made from flour, sugar, and butter. The Dutch housewife is as generous with her pies as she is with all her cooking, baking six or eight at a time not one and two.” 1

If you knew me as a kid, you probably could have read this excerpt with my name in it:

“Archer eats pies for breakfast.  Archer eats pies for lunch.  Archer eats pies for dinner and she eats pies for midnight snacks.”

(Maybe that’s why I was overweight in the fourth grade and could only fit in stretch pants because my tummy was so much bigger than my legs.)

oiled glass pie pan


pie crust gluten free vegan in processor

My long pie history has taught me what a good pie crust should be.  Unfortunately, the lessons have come at the expense of my health! That’s why I eat my a-f pie now.  The majority of the fat in the crust comes from ground flax seeds and your choice of nuts or seeds, making it a little friendlier on the arteries than all those pies I ate as a kid. Healthy fats are key.

pie crust gluten free vegan in food processor

This is a vegan, allergy-friendly, whole foods based pie crust that holds together really well.  Six dates lightly sweeten it, but you could add a few more if you promise me it won’t bug your blood sugar.  The teff flour adds a rich sweetness that will swoon your Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother into using this Ethiopian grain in her German recipes.

pie crust gluten free vegan

1.  Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking. Author Unknown.  Released September 9, 2008.  E-book: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/26558/26558-h/26558-h.htm.

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5 Responses

  1. Ruth

    These look so yummy! Wish you could come make them for our Thanksgiving dinner!


  2. Nicole S.

    Just re-found your blog after many months away. Love the redesign and gorgeous photography! And I have been meaning to try teff, this recipe should do the trick! I have a 3 1/2 year old with multiple food sensitivities and am always on the lookout for new recipes to try on her (she is also very “selective” with her food choices).


    Dr. Archer

    Hi Nicole!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I absolutely LOVE teff. It’s one of my favorite gluten free flours!


    Melinda Hoover

    Why do you like Teff flour so much? I have not used it before.


    Dr. Archer Atkins

    Hi Melinda!!

    I really like the flavor of teff, especially in pie crust. It has a distinct flavor that tastes nutty and sweet. Have you tried it before?


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