Be True to Yourself Even When No One Likes It

be true to yourself seattle

There will always be someone who hates who you are.  There will always be someone telling you to stop being you.  There will always be someone who disagrees with what you like, think, or feel.

Can you still stay true to yourself in the midst of this?

It is more important to be true to yourself than it is to be true to what someone else wants for you.

Not everyone is going to like who you were made to be.  Someone, somewhere is going to have a big problem with it, and they often find great joy in letting you know.

When you change who you are in order to get others to like you, you become a traitor to yourself. This self-suppression engenders misery.  It is difficult to live in joy when your heart is at war with who you are on the outside.

It is better to live in the disappointment of others than it is to live in the disappointment of never being true to who you really are.  The latter is torturous.

An expansive capacity for life is birthed when you live as who God has made you to be.  If God wanted you to be who they want you to be, He would have let you know about it.  The things inside your heart are there for a reason and you were made the way you are with great intention.

You are a gift to the world, no matter what anyone else says about it.

How can you be true to yourself today?

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3 Responses

  1. Diane Squyres

    Such a basic truth for happiness.


  2. Helen

    Go Archer! Don’t let anyone discourage you. You are way cool just the way God made you. Of course we can always get better at being ourselves, but there is a fine line between that and trying to be what we are not.


    Dr. Archer

    Oh, Helen. I love you. I miss you lots.


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