Sugar Free Easter Cookie Cutouts (Gluten Free & Vegan)

Growing up, my (ex-step) Grandma Ruth made sugar cookie roll outs for almost every holiday. Most of the time, they were plain and frosting-less. I always thought that was the boring way to go, but now that I’m grown, I give her mad props for that, because less sugar is a huge win. Although there was certainly a decent amount of sugar in the cookie.

I already have a sugarless sugar cookie recipe up on the blog, but I found them to be a little too fragile. Sorry if you made them. I developed a new recipe using buckwheat, which I find holds together much better than the oat flour I originally used.

I have been using this updated recipe here for the past two Christmases, and I decided to whip up some Easter cookies to use up the leftover frosting from my daughter’s birthday cake I made over the weekend. I have to say — Easter cookies especially remind me of Grandma Ruth. Because she always gave us a whole bunch of frosting-less bunny cookies for Easter (with a metallic silver edible “eyeball”). It is a sweet thing to think of her. She’s still living, although not doing well. I have two different pictures of her up on my Instagram feed if you want to see what she looks like. Here’s a link to one of them.

I love this recipe because there is zero sugar in it. ZERO. It is sweetened with 20 dried apricots. THAT IS IT. I didn’t even put stevia in this. Aren’t you proud? I feel like I deserve 100 extra points for not putting stevia in something, being that I put it in everything.

The cookies do kind of become bubbly on top during the baking process, which certainly bothers my OCD problems, but the texture and taste is perfect. Maybe I need to back off on the cream of tarter? I don’t know. What matters most is that the Wendy’s Eating Husband thinks they’re good! (but he is not a fan of the coconut oil based frosting you see in the pics)

Like I said, I frosted these with leftover frosting from my daughter’s birthday cake. The frosting is mainly made of coconut oil, white beans, and powdered sugar. I’m not a fan of sugar, obviously, but for birthday cakes where we are serving normal eating guests, I am A-OK with using it. I don’t think second graders will go for a coconut oil frosted cake that is sweetened with stevia only (ha, my kids wouldn’t go for that either).

You can use any frosting you’d like for these. I do have to say that I am getting a tiny bit tired of coconut oil based frosting, since I’ve been eating it for 8 years now. I’m ready to start making a butter based frosting yesterday. So, you may see some butter around here. Need a break from that coconut oil taste.

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