Poor Man’s Crab Cakes


If you love crab cakes, you will adore this zucchini substitute!  Poor Man’s Crab Cakes contain freshly shredded zucchini in place of crab meat with everything else following the traditional crab cake theme.  Of course this recipe is a little different because it is archerfriendly, but normal eaters would really enjoy these!  My non-allergy eating husband loves them!  They taste incredible dipped in cocktail sauce.

Whenever my husband tries a new archerfriendly food, I ask him, “What makes this dish?”  I am always looking for the one ingredient, that if it was missing, the food would move down a notch to just being “ok” (or maybe even a few notches to not being good at all).  This time, the answer was “millet flour”.  It makes this dish.  I used to make Poor Man’s Crab Cakes with quinoa flour and they never tasted half as good!  The millet provides a cakey consistency along with a warm nutty flavor that perfectly complements the Old Bay seasoning.

When I was a kid, this is one of the ways my mom would use up the overwhelming amounts of zucchini that grew in our garden.  What a gourmet way to disguise zucchini when you’ve had so much of it you don’t think you can eat another bite!  This is a fabulous dish to salute your summer zucchini goodbye!

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2 Responses

  1. Pragati

    I’ll be trying this very soon. I love zucchini!


    Dr. Archer

    Let me know how they turn out! Hopefully well. My 2 year old loves these now.


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