Kiwi Berry Obsession

Have you tried these yet?  They are my new favorite archerfriendly snack.  I bought 3 containers of them in a week!  I like to think of them as vitamin C fruit nuggets, since they are loaded with the stuff.  Kiwi berries are in season in the Pacific Northwest from September through November.  They are currently serving as an excellent, nutrient dense, on-the-go toddler food for my 18 month old daughter (I’m always looking for healthy food my archerfriendly toddler can eat on the run).

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3 Responses

  1. KelseyJoy

    Wow! I’ve never heard of these….and I generally pride myself on knowing lots of obscure food items. I am now on a mission to find and try these, thanks for posting this! Do you know where I can get them?


  2. Archer


    I found them at both Fred Meyer and Whole Foods. PCC should have them too, but I haven’t looked there.


  3. Aaron Mitchell

    woah! dunno how i missed these little treats! Too bad no PCC, or Freddies in CA…


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