Pear Milk Smoothie

This recipe reminds me of the days when I first found out I had interstitial cystitis (IC).  I did this IC elimination diet where all I ate was cow milk, pears, turkey, lamb, carrots, and rice.  This was the first archerfriendly diet (version 1.0).  I started combining pears (with the skin!) and cow milk in the blender for some variation, and soon discovered that freezing the pear for about an hour or two prior to blending made it more like a dessert.  And I served this dessert to my friends.

During this time, I got to know all varieties of pears really well, so much so that now I especially crave red pears and bosc pears every fall.  This recipe tastes best with red pears.

I couldn’t have walnuts back in the day, but I can have them now.  I need them now.  I’ve been having some blood sugar issues recently, which is why the walnuts in this recipe are essential for me.  Adding protein to a carbohydrate meal helps to balance blood sugar after a meal, although I’m not sure that five walnuts will really do the job.  I like to think it helps.

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  1. Callie

    What a lovely idea! I’ve been enjoying So Delicious coconut milk in my morning smoothie. But this sounds like a simple and unique change up. Thank you for sharing.


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