Beth’s Mini Gingerbread Men

If you eat normal, you may mistake these gluten-free gingerbread men as holiday dog biscuits, because they kind of look like those natural, homemade dog treats you see at the local farmer’s market.  But they’re not.  The canine biscuit look comes from the color of molasses and the texture of ground flax seeds.

These gluten-free, dairy-free gingerbread men are named after my friend Beth.  Beth is the one who celebrated my 13th day of being archerfriendly by giving me a modified birthday card for the occasion.  Beth and I both started eating archerfriendly around the same time, although our diets are different now.  She behaved a lot better when it came to the holidays.  She stuck to her diet.  I didn’t.  I always thought she was an archerfriendly rockstar for eating so well, even on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  She saw a radical improvement in her health from her new diet.  Eating well changed her life.

I love remembering this.  Eating well has changed my life too, but sometimes I run out of fervor for eating so healthy. Sometimes I just want to, well, eat junk (especially the hot java fru-fru drinks from you know who).

Anyways, these mini gingerbread men are super easy.  I whipped up a batch of them before church this past Sunday, and that’s saying a lot.  Because they are only made with quinoa flour and ground flax seeds, they are really quick to throw together.  I’m used to gluten-free baking taking forever due to the gazillions of flours I use for one recipe.  Not these puppies (oh, am I still thinking about the dog biscuits?).

Just in case you’re a normalfriendly eater person, you may like these too.  We had our normalfriendly neighbors over last night, and they really enjoyed them.  The quinoa flavor jives really well with the spicy ginger and earthy molasses.

Beth’s Mini Gingerbread Men are adapted from Beth’s mom’s recipe for bethfriendly ginger snaps, so they are lovingly named after her.

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