Are You a Relational Scrooge?

money cash relational scrooge

If your generosity was measured by what you give emotionally, rather than what you give financially, would you be a scrooge or a philanthropist?

Recently, a colleague of mine unexpectedly broke the rules.  It wasn’t a big bad mistake, nor was it something to gloss over.  The consequence affected me, but only minimally.  You would think by looking at me that in my heart, I was all smiles towards her, that my thoughts towards her were benevolent.  Nope.

I secretly gave her the stink eye.  I had no compassion.  I withheld loving affection towards her in my mind and heart.  In my scroogey tally book, she got a mark.  I refused to dole out heart generosity, the kind of generosity that comes in the form of words and thoughts instead of money and things.

Emotional generosity.

I later apologized to her for being a stingy heart miser.

Where have you been a relational scrooge?  Where can you be generous with your words and thoughts?

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2 Responses

  1. Rose

    Beautifully said Archer. ‘heart generosity’ ’emotional generosity’ something to really reflect on. Thank you.


  2. aunt lisa

    i like the way your posts really make a person look at the whole truth. Te truth that sometimes only GOD can see.


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