Most Popular Posts in 2013

2013 top posts

This year, we’re retiring the Google Search Awards we did for the past two years in a row. The Google Search Awards focused on the most entertaining and funniest Google searches that led to this website. Now that my blog is growing and has been around for several years, it is way too time consuming to search through all of the Google search results for the past year. I used to read every Google search result on a daily basis, but now, I don’t even look at them.  I must be saving myself a lot of time.

In place of the Google Search Awards, please welcome a round-up of the past year’s most popular posts! Here are the most popular articles on Archerfriendly during the year 2013 (can you believe that the men’s underwear post was #3!?):


spinach banana ginger smoothie10 Spinach, Banana, & Ginger Smoothie

herb of the month licorice root9 Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

cuticles8 Save Your Cuticles

Mung Bean Breakfast Soup7 Mung Bean Breakfast Soup

coffee6 Detox Every Day 2: Watch Your Drinks

detox with fiber5 Detox Every Day 7: Amp Up Your Fiber Intake

red thai crockpot curry4 Red Thai Crock-Pot Chicken Curry

boxers or briefs health benefits tighty whities better3 Best Underwear for Men: Tighty Whities Win

toddler getting a blood draw bandage2 8 Tips for a Successful Toddler Blood Draw

hemp protein powder with blueberries and blackberries1 Protein Powder: 7 Tips to Find the Best One

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