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whole foods gift card

Archerfriendly now has over 100 “Likes” on Facebook!  Thank you all so much!  To celebrate, I’m giving away this beautiful $10 gift card to Whole Foods!

To enter the random drawing, see the giveaway below.  The first (and only required) step is to leave a comment on this article answering the following question:

“What topics or recipes do you want to see on archerfriendly?”

Then click DONE on that item in the giveaway tracker below.  Please do not click the green button in the giveaway until you have actually completed the step!  After completing the first step, you’ll see four other steps to give you additional entries (again, please do not click the green buttons unless you have actually completed the action, e.g. like me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, etc)!

The giveaway ends Tuesday, February 28th at 12:01am PST.  Good luck!

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10 Responses

  1. Kelsey

    Archer! I love all your recipes. I’m looking for more soups to make and anything dessert-y. Also, I want to hear more about how you keep your kids (and husband) ArcherFriendly! are there lots of things they eat that you can’t? Thanks! Keep up the good work ;)


  2. Juliana

    I would love to see healthy but tasty recipes!


  3. lyndsey

    I guess I would like to see some crockpot recipes that are healthy! :)


  4. steff

    i love bread recipes!!


  5. Mari

    I’d like recipes made with almond or coconut flour.


  6. sandy

    Hey Archer,
    Thanks for sending out all the great ideas. Wish you were coming back east~I would love to go to a homeopathic doc!! but alas, I just have to read your blogs.


  7. meredith

    I definitely agree with the healthy/tastey recipes – how about more paleo or gluten free recipes?


  8. Aubrey

    Id love to see Crockpot recipes :)


  9. ebun

    Can you do healthy desserts? Like I heard you can substitute beans in brownies and they taste the same.


  10. Kevin

    I’d like to see healthier snack options; maybe suggestions on alternatives to granola bars, but homemade (like the choco freezer bars), homemade crackers (like cheeze-its, cheetos, wheat thins), cookies. Also, working with gluten-free flour for making breads, pizza, & biscuits. Keep ’em coming! Love the Curried Root Fries!


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