I Found Hope When I Least Expected It

Christmas card with kids and santa

On this day last year, my family’s eleven year story with the Coors Light Drinker ended.  I got my mom back, and she got her grandkids.  All my eleven years of hopes, they were not in vain.

I wanted so badly to tell you more of the story, but it just wasn’t working.  There’s thousands of things to say, and one post can’t possibly work it like I want it to.  Maybe you’ll get all the juicy details in my book (that doesn’t exist right now).

Two days after weeping over lost hopes, I found hope, all over again, and there was a God who heard.

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3 Responses

  1. Diane Squyres

    I love you…thank you for Praying when it seemed hopeless….


  2. Rose

    Beautiful Archer! I love “hope fulfilled heals the despair of the past.”


    Dr. Archer

    Thanks Rose. I asked God to give me the post’s tagline, and he did!


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