My Top 10 Life Events in 2013

lifting up daughter in front of water

There were some big punch situations that happened this year. Most of them required me to show up all the way in real life, which left little energy to work on the 100s of blog post ideas I’ve got stored up for you. Gosh, I’m already giving you a disclaimer for why I’m not perfectly pumping out posts every week.

The good news about not being the perfect blogger is that this year, I’ve listened to my body. Really listened. For most of my life, I’ve ignored everything my body has had to say to me, especially in the sleep department. But this year was different. I guarded my internal resources, and paid close attention to when and what would max me out if I did one more _____ on top of everything else that was going on.

This shows significant growth, since I am recovering from Triple A Personality. If you have Triple A Personality, you do everything you should do, no matter what. It’s like your mind is an over-controlling, military dad who doesn’t care about how you feel and wants as much work done as possible.

You could say that I’ve lightened up.

I’m trusting that 2014 will bring much more consistency, routine, and rhythm in such a way that I can perhaps be a little more regular and intentional with my postings.

My Top 10 Life Events in 2013

1. We bought our first home. Well, technically it sold in December 2012. But we moved in just a few days before New Years 2013.

2. We were sick, almost constantly, since moving into our new home. We didn’t find out why until October, when we discovered a nasty mold situation in our home. I have lots to inform you about in this department! Rest assured though, it’s all gone now.

3. My mom had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized in May. She was in the hospital on Mother’s Day. This triggered a lot of stuff for me and I could barely keep it together in real life. I wasn’t able to fly home to be with her, which makes me sad to this day. Fortunately, my two sisters were able to be there for her.

4. I graduated from naturopathic medical school with two little kids in tow. This is monumental! Being a naturopathic doctor is all I’ve ever wanted to be and do!

5. I celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary with the Wendy’s Eating Husband (WEH). His diet is the only bone I ever have to pick with him. He’s that grounded and amazing.

6. Speaking of the WEH, in July, he lost his long-term job of almost 6 years. After 2 months of stressful job searching and many interviews, he finally landed his dream job developing websites in downtown Seattle. Here’s his desk view now:

Seattle view from desk

7. I passed my naturopathic licensing board exams, otherwise known as NPLEX. These exams were three torturing days long and gave me severe, anxiety ridden insomnia. I’ve never, ever had insomnia and normally I sleep like a rock.

8. I turned down a full time job offer. Some of you that follow me on Instagram may have seen me prematurely post a picture of the clinic. I removed the photo when I declined their offer. This was difficult and huge and crazy and mega faith building all at once.

9. The girls started and stopped a new preschool. One of my daughters was particularly traumatized from being at this new school, and it took about a month of her not being there to return to her normal, sweet self. I probably needed an extra 2 glasses of water a day to make up for all the tears I cried about this.

10. I joined Dr. Sunita Iyer’s medical practice at Eastside Natural Medicine. You can read my bio here. I love working with her and everyone else at Eastside Natural Medicine. I feel more than blessed to truly say, I LOVE MY JOB. Joining Dr. Sunita’s practice has most likely been the highlight of my year.


What about you? What are your top events of 2013? Where have you grown as a person in 2013? 

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