This Bread Is My Ransom

Silver Hill’s Organic Gluten-Free Omega Flax Bread

When I wrote about the neverending cold on February 25th, I really thought we were done.  The day after the article was published, Re’uth developed another high fever, which called for another emergency page to her pediatrician.  This meant more herbal tincture administration to an 18 month old that absolutely detests the taste of Children’s Glycerite.  It worked well, despite her resistance, and gradually brought her fever down.  She was a happy, healthy baby over the weekend.

children's glycerite

Yesterday, Re’uth woke up in the morning with yet another high fever.  We are reliving last week all over again, except that yesterday we took her for an urgent visit to Seattle Children’s Otolaryngology Department. The docs in this specialty deal with ears, noses, and throats.  The great news is that from the neck and up, she’s fine!

I am so ready for a fever free week.  I’m ready for normalcy and consistent blog writing.

My “I-hate-my-diet” buttons have been pushed numerous times during this past month.  I have a tendency to feel like a deprived food prisoner when I run out of things to eat, which happens when I don’t have time to prepare food.  Thankfully, I found my ransom at Costco:  Silver Hill’s Organic Gluten-Free Omega Flax Bread.

Do you know how freeing it has been for me to wake up in the morning without any food prepped or planned to pop two slices of this bread in our red toaster oven for breakfast?  I felt like a normal person that mindlessly eats whatever for breakfast.  Normal people eat toast for breakfast, right?

This bread has given me food to eat when I’ve had no food to eat.  With 5g of fiber and 3g of protein per slice, it does not bother my blood sugar.  It’s the only whole grain, gluten-free, store bought bread that keeps my blood sugar stable, does not contain tapioca, and does not contain eggs.

What about you?  What whole foods have nourished your bones during stressful life events?

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