Scaredy Cat Brownies

scaredy cat halloween brownies

If Jesus found out that I was celebrating Halloween by making these Scaredy Cat Brownies, He might come down from the sky like a spaceman, pick up His followers, and leave me behind. Maybe not, but that’s the degree to which I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to all things end-of-the-world. In high school, I used to have recurring nightmares that Jesus came to the earth, stole my family away, and left me behind on purpose because He didn’t really like me.

Regardless of your beliefs, Halloween can be a good time to consider the fear and terror in your own life. What are you afraid of the most? Can you identify any residual terror that’s still hanging around from a past trauma? Are you having recurring nightmares? Where’s the fear coming from and why is it there? What happened that made you a scaredy cat? What can you do to work through that fear so that it’s not a part of your life anymore?

Do a fear evaluation of your life this October 31st, whether you’re celebrating Halloween or not. The less you live in fear, the more you’ll be able to be who you were made to be. Fear’s like a cheap robot costume: restrictive and stuffy. But when you take off the sweaty guise, you are able to move freely and breathe deeply.

I made these Scaredy Cat Brownies with a cookie cutter, my Classic Black Bean Brownies, and uncooked red lentils for the eyeballs. You can make these cut outs with any brownie, but if you use my Classic Black Bean Brownie recipe, make sure they are refrigerated prior to doing the cuts. The cut outs will be thick when baked in a 9×11 pan. This helps them hold together, since they are basically everything free.

I’m excited to bring a batch of Scaredy Cat Brownies to Selah’s Halloween Party at preschool this week. I’m tempted to add in some banana ghosts, since they would be so quick and easy to make.

What healthy Halloween treats are you making?

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