How to Make Golden Milk Syrup

This incredibly easy recipe for Golden Milk Syrup will get you jonesin’ for golden milk everything. Golden Milk Coffee, Golden Milk Tea, Golden Milk Cocktails, and the hype goes on and on. You can even put this Golden Milk Syrup on your face (I’m not even joking).

For those who have been living in La La Land and DON’T know what Golden Milk is, like the guy I talked to in the sauna last week, golden milk is the charming term for turmeric infused milk. You could call it turmeric milk, but that is so much more of a mouthful. Some call it Golden Mylk to indicate that it is made with cow-free, plant-based milk. So, turmeric + milk/mylk = golden milk.

There is a reason for all this golden milk c-r-a-z-e. Turmeric isn’t just a trendy superfood. I prescribe turmeric for patients in my practice, and I take it myself on a daily basis. Turmeric is a substantial source of antioxidants, which why it serves up a strong anti-inflammatory effect in the body. It can also help to protect the mitochondria (a lot of things in this world damage mitochondria; fluoroquinolones being one of them… and if that long word doesn’t ring a bell think Cipro). Why wouldn’t you want to eat this stuff!? I want turmeric in every single thing I eat!

To use this DIY syrup for golden milk, all you gotta do is stick the golden milk syrup in your choice of milk, and voilà! There it is. But the golden milk opportunities don’t end there! You can put this golden milk syrup in anything. Goes way beyond mylk, folks.

I like to stick it in iced coffee. That turmeric and coffee flavor, it just goes! I can’t get enough of it. In fact, you need to make this Golden Milk Syrup, solely for the purpose of making Golden Milk Iced Coffee. If I had a cafe…

Using this golden milk syrup is so much less of a fuss than dried turmeric powder. No yellow powdery hot mess! I’d much rather have something that will easily blend into my drink without yellow powder floating to the top. But, even then, that would never stop me because I don’t have texture issues like the Wendy’s Eating Husband does.  The powdery situation with ground turmeric powder in most golden milk recipes would be a no-go for him.

That’s why a syrup version totally wins. No whisking, shaking, or blending. The downside of the syrup version is the sweetener. Gotta be careful with not over-doing any kind of sweetener in our everyday life. I normally don’t eat sweetener on a daily basis, so getting to put some Golden Milk Syrup in my iced coffee feels like a luxurious dessert. Besides, this syrup is MEDICINAL. So, no hard feelings there.

The black pepper in the syrup increases the bioavailability of the turmeric. You know what that means right? The black pepper helps the turmeric to stick around on clean-up duty. The longer the turmeric hangs out inside your body, the more you get to milk it’s benefits. In other words, the black pepper is a bio-enhancer, enhancing what turmeric does in the body.

I put 10 peppercorns in my syrup. You don’t need a lot. You can use less. This might be too peppery for some.

The syrup is made via a fresh turmeric root extraction, with manuka honey acting as a solvent. This is the same herbal medicine making process I use for my DIY Onion Cough Syrup. Once your syrup is done macerating, it will have more of a liquid-y texture. That’s how it is supposed to be. The final syrup consistency is due to diffusion.

I prefer to use manuka honey but regular honey will do. Manuka honey has way more therapeutic properties than regular honey, so it makes the final product more medicinal.

The convenient thing about this recipe is that it is not exact. All you need to know is how to make it, and then you’re all set. Fresh turmeric root is peeled and thinly sliced, then smothered in honey. Sprinkle in some black pepper, cover with more honey, and you can call it good.

This golden milk syrup can be used for literally anything. Use it for your golden milk latte, golden milk coffee, golden milk tea, golden milk salad dressing. Oh, the list goes on and on! But, promise me you’ll make some golden milk iced coffee with this syrup, and then invite me over, ok?


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  1. Laura

    How long does this golden syrup keep? Does it need to be refrigerated?


    Dr. Archer Atkins

    Usually 2 weeks in the fridge, even more so if the root is strained out.


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