Sweet Potato Toast S’Mores

If you are looking for a gluten-free and grain-free way to make s’mores, look no further! All you need are yams! How easy is that? Not to mention how cool yam toast is these days… I know you want to be cool.

Swap out the graham cracker with a slice of campfire roasted sweet potato toast!

I prefer using Stokes Purple sweet potatoes for my toasted sweet potato s’mores, but they can be hard to find. You can use any yam or sweet potato you want! It’s just that I enjoy the taste of the purple sweet potato combined with dark chocolate and marshmallow. I have also done s’mores on yam toast using garnet yams, but the flavor wasn’t as ahh-mazing. It was just amazing. But not ahh-mazing, if you know what I mean.

You know what sweet potato toast s’mores means!? Vegetables. That’s what it means. You are eating a marshmallow ON A VEGETABLE. Can’t get better than that. To make your sweet potato toast s’more as healthy as possible, I recommend using organic fair trade dark chocolate (with a percent in the 80s). I recommend Equal Exchange’s 88% dark chocolate bar. If you can eat your s’mores on a vegetable and use 80% or higher dark chocolate, who cares where the marshmallow comes from. Joking. Kind of.

Here goes my marshmallow spiel. I am always tempted to make marshmallows from scratch, especially for my sweet potato toast s’mores. This would be the ultimate perfection for the healthiest s’more. Yes, I know they sell “healthier” marshmallows at Trader Joe’s, but those ones have tapioca in them, and the last time I had tapioca I was making plans to go to the emergency room. I will not eat tapioca. Ever. I am also unsure of how a homemade, honey-based marshmallow would fare roasted over a fire. Would it fall off the stick into a goopy mess? It would break my heart if I saw all my homemade marshmallows drip into the fire.

Most of our backyard campfires tend to be impromptu, which means that I can not whip up homemade marshmallows that fast. So, true story, I just use the regular ones. Gasp. And get this: I am totally OK with that. We do try to find ones that don’t have blue food coloring in them though. Yes, they add blue food coloring to marshmallows. Isn’t that crazy!?

If I eat super clean 95% of the time, a regular marshmallow or two from the non-Whole foods grocery store should not be a problem. Now, if you’re eating marshmallows everyday, that is probably not a good idea. But, my goal for your health, and my own, is to have that resilience where a marshmallow won’t put you in a tizzy.

There’s also something to be said about eating in good company. I love a backyard fire with friends. There’s something about it that is super nourishing to me, and I enjoy the social aspect of participating in the s’mores festivities. Loneliness can be just as toxic for your body as junk food. So, perhaps my toxic marshmallow, if eaten in the company of lovely friends, won’t be so toxic.

There’s no recipe or how-to. This is mindless and easy.

Roast your sweet potato over the fire. I like to melt the dark chocolate pieces right on the sweet potato toast, when its almost done roasting over the fire. Roast your marshmallows, and voilà! I love purple sweet potato toast s’mores way more than I ever liked a graham cracker based s’more. You have got to try this!

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