Pear Walnut Spice Muffins

pear walnut spice muffins

Have you tried my Pear Walnut Spice Cake yet?  I made them into muffins just last week, and they are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, tapioca free, and sugar free deliciousness!  Hmm, what else are they free of?  I could think of more…

I have to be honest with you and tell you that most of my baked goods are very different from the norm.  They are alternative.  So you can’t expect to be biting into something that tastes like you bought it from the sugar coffee palace.

But, if there was an archerfriendly stevia coffee palace, these would be found there.  And I would buy them to accompany my stevia sweetened latte (did I just say latte?  Of course, I splurge on my drinks sometimes, but I do watch them).  These muffins are plenty sweet to me, and just dandy to pair with a cup of joe (joe that you don’t drink every day, though).  They do not have stevia in them, but the stevia coffee palace would use as little sweetener as possible, with most things being sweetened with stevia.  That’s how archerfriendly rolls.

When you don’t eat sugar, your taste buds adapt.  Try avoiding sugar and all sweeteners for a few months, and then go eat something sweet.  Feels like liquid lollipop is drowning out the mucosal cells in the throat.  Maybe you didn’t understand that.  But know that it just feels really funny.  You should try it.

Anyways, because I don’t eat sugar, well, I try not to, things that aren’t so sweet to the average Starbucks souped-up latte drinker taste super sweet to me.  Most of the things I make don’t get the luxury of being sweetened, but these muffins got some of that sugar love with 2 whopping tablespoons of molasses!  So try them!

(I updated my Pear Walnut Spice Cake recipe with the scoop on how to make them as muffins.)

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3 Responses

  1. Tara Smith

    Archer, these look delicious and I believe I might try to make them this coming week. I’ve been doing the paleo/primal/hunter-gatherer/ancestral diet for a few months now and it includes no grains at all. So, don’t be offended, but I’m going to have to make some alterations to fit into my diet. Do you think I could sub almond and coconut flour for the quinoa and millet flour and still achieve the same results? I’m considering changing out the molasses for part honey and part maple syrup. And what purpose does the xanthan gum serve? It’s a binder right? A replacement for gluten, if I’m correct. But, I’m thinking the eggs should do that and with such a small amount of xanthan gum, it shouldn’t be missed really, right? I’d love to hear your thoughts. :)


    Dr. Archer

    Hi Tara —

    It may be fine without the xanthan gum. You could add in some ground flax seed or psyllium powder instead. I’ve actually stopped using it in my baked goods since lots of people have shown to be reactive to it. Yes — it’s a binder. Some people do not consider quinoa a grain, so I know of some paleo people that still eat it. I’m not sure how the almond/coconut flour would sub out — coconut flour especially can get all weird when subbing it. Are you not allowed to have molasses or you just don’t have it on hand?

    Let me know how it turns out!

    – archer


  2. Janet Croneberger

    Thank’s for all the recipes you share much appreciated!


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