Detox Every Day: Do You Do All 10?

It was difficult deciding the top ten little ways you can detox every day.  There are a sea of things you can do to prevent new toxic exposures and enhance your body’s ability to detox.  But I chose things that are easy, things that seem manageable, and don’t take a bunch of time out of your day.  This is what we Americans want, isn’t it?  Well, maybe I should not say easy.  Just because it doesn’t take a lot of time doesn’t mean it won’t take a lot of internal effort and intention.  Change doesn’t come easy, but it sure does pay off.

This series increased my motivation as well as my awareness of how I can be detoxing every day.  I learned a lot behind the scenes.  Much more than I could post.  When I was studying about liver enzymes and how they detoxify caffeine, I learned why some people can drink caffeine before bed and still get a good night’s sleep…while others bounce off the walls all night long.  I also learned about the chemicals in microwave popcorn bags.  Because I was able to get into the nitty gritty details of these ten little ways to detox every day, my desire to do all of them was cemented in with the truth that they really do matter.

Anyone with chronic health conditions needs to consider how they can help their body to detoxify every single day.  It’s easy to forget how much environmental toxins can play into our health picture.  I really do think these ten things are crucial in aiding your body to detox every day.  I’m not saying you need to be legalistic about doing them, but be mindful. Incorporate what you can feasibly do.  You can make a difference in your health by working on these things.

I know this personally.  When I had interstitial cystitis, I reached a healing plateau.  I was on that plateau for about 2 years.  After I finally made the switch to eating organic and doing a lot of the things mentioned in this series, my interstitial cystitis disappeared.  It was obvious to me that environmental toxins played a role in my health.

Don’t think I’m all up on the high and mighty detox health horse.  Even though working on most of these things in my own life has brought a lot of healing, it doesn’t mean that I’m perfectly on top of them.  The one I need to work on the most is sleep.  Since high school, I have falsely believed that I was an exception to how much sleep one needed a night, as if I was a super hero who could function optimally on minimal sleep.  But when I don’t sleep enough, I want a crutch!  Caffeine!  When I’m sleep deprived, my productivity plummets, and I want that liquid energy to keep me going.  There you have it:  my weaknesses are #2 and #8.

What about you?  Do you do all 10?  Which ones are hard for you?  Which ones come naturally? 

Detox Every Day 1:  Eat Organic
Detox Every Day 2:  Watch Your Drinks
Detox Every Day 3:  Drink More Water, Pure Water
Detox Every Day 4:  Eat Cruciferously
Detox Every Day 5:  Get Off Your Butt
Detox Every Day 6:  Take Your Vitamins
Detox Every Day 7:  Amp Up Your Fiber Intake
Detox Every Day 8:  Sleep Like A Baby
Detox Every Day 9:  Stop Being So Sure
Detox Every Day 10:  Go Scent Free

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  1. Meagan

    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog :) I see we have similar interests in food and naturopathic medicine!


    Dr. Archer

    Thank you for checking out my website, as well. Yes, it does seem like we have similar interests! :)


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