Watermelon Sherbet

watermelon sherbet sorbet

Do you have an ice cream maker tucked away in your basement because it feels like too much of a nuisance to make homemade ice cream?  Well, this easy recipe is an excuse to pull it out.  With four ingredients, you can’t get any simpler.  And one of those ingredients is stevia!  That almost doesn’t count as an ingredient.

Let’s get technical.  This may not fall into the foodie category of “sherbet” because it contains about 15% milk and no white sugar.  The milk in the recipe is from a vegan friendly coconut instead of a black and white animal that moos.  Using coconut milk instead of cow milk in a sherbet, or even ice cream, will produce a different texture.  Coconut milk contains no proteins and cow milk contains two different types of proteins.  Proteins influence how bonds form during the freezing process, which affects the final texture of the sherbet.  Sugar(s) used in a frozen dessert will also affect the final texture.

But this is archerfriendly, and it tastes like sherbet to me, so that’s what I am calling it.  It’s a-f sherbet in archerfriendly land.  It’s probably the closest thing I’ll ever eat to “real” sherbet.  Even if you can eat dairy, “real” sherbet is so packed with sugar that it tastes like insulin resistance.  Also, because real sherbet has a low amount of milk in it, that also means it’s lower in protein.  A low protein highly sweetened dessert is a blood sugar disaster!

If you’re looking for sherbet without the white moo stuff and you want it free of any kind of extra sweeteners, this is your treat!  It is sweetened only with stevia.  The lime juice adds a balanced zing to the watermelon, and the coconut adds creamy texture and taste.  Watermelon + coconut + lime = the best flavor ever!

If you want to bring a healthy but fun dessert to your 4th of July celebration, bring this!  No one will notice that you put stevia in it, and they won’t miss the sugar.  If you really want to impress the over 21 crowd, you can spike it with vodka or rum…but do that at your own (health) risk.

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