A-F Food Finds in South Jersey

crescent moon cafe coffee south jersey

If you are driving to Ocean City, New Jersey from the Philadelphia area, you may end up driving through Mullica Hill.  This little town is filled with antique shops, and if you have a blog, you may want to stop and look for props.  If you eat normal, don’t forget to stop at Village Bagels (best bagels around).  However, if you are itching for organic, fair trade coffee, and you are willing to go about a half mile out of your way, finaggle your way to Crescent Moon Coffee & Tea.  Their espresso is excellent.  I don’t think they offer a-f snacks there, just the coffee, so be sure to pack those yourself.

What you don’t need to pack is lunch.  Besides, a sandwich always gets so soggy and warm and mysteriously sandy when it sits in the cooler on the overheated beach.  Leave that gluten-free lunch behind (unless you want to bless the seagulls with it), and go to Pure Tacos for lunch!  You can be normal for lunch because you can wing it on the boardwalk.

pure tacos south jersey boardwalk ocean city

Pure Tacos is a wondrous gluten-free establishment.  It is allergy friendly.  It is blood sugar friendly.  You can order your taco fixins on a salad instead of a corn tortilla (corn is not a smiley face food if you have blood sugar issues).  I ordered the Authentic Chicken Tacos for my daughter and also the Ground Beef on top of a salad.  Both menu items were made without dairy and rocked the food pleasure sensors in my brain.

My only beef with Pure Tacos is that I wish the food was organic.  However, I love that they are serving healthier options in a place that is inundated with sugar loot and fried food.  Pure Tacos scored major archerfriendly points with providing FRESH, chemical-free, and allergy and  blood sugar friendly food on the boardwalk.

What a-f digs have you found in your vacation spot?

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