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2012 Google Search AwardsJanuary 1st, 2013
the funniest and most popular hits of the year
30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 YearsApril 29th, 2013
an informal mosaic of life lessons
4 Protein Powders That Win (and How to Use Them)May 17th, 2016
Sharing favorites from my own cupboard
4 Reasons to Swallow that MultivitaminJuly 16th, 2012
don't be deceived: a little vitamin can go a long way
5 Back-to-School Immune Boosting Supplements for the Whole FamilySeptember 12th, 2014
people will start wondering why you're so healthy all the time
7 Symptoms You Bought Your First Home But Haven’t Moved In YetJanuary 14th, 2013
real life isn't always about collard greens and stevia
8 Baby Making Tips for Future DadsNovember 6th, 2014
lesser known natural ways to boost your sperm virility
8 Tips for a Successful Toddler Blood DrawJune 18th, 2012
turning a scary experience into a day at the ice cream shop
9 Observations from My Facebook HiatusSeptember 6th, 2013
there are benefits to spending less time on Facebook & more time in real life
A Blog About Love’s 1-Day Love Boot CampJuly 24th, 2016
Trusting others to speak into my life
A Day in the Life of ArcherfriendlinessSeptember 27th, 2012
an exclusive peek into archer's diet
A Day in the Life of My SupplementsAugust 27th, 2013
a peek into a naturopath's personal supplement regimen
A Day in the Life of the WEH’s DietOctober 6th, 2014
What comes with working and eating in downtown Seattle every day?
A Little Foodie FaithAugust 10th, 2012
archer likes granola so she asks God for a little help
A Natural Cough Remedy You Don’t Need to SwallowJanuary 25th, 2016
An effective naturopathic home treatment for chest congestion, bronchitis, or pneumonia
A-F Food Finds in South JerseyAugust 16th, 2012
healthy spots to hit up while heading from philly to the beach
Almonds and TapiocaApril 15th, 2011
goodbye to my food staple friends
Almost ThereJune 3rd, 2013
cheers to studying all summer long!
Anti-Hack Peanut Butter Garlic PasteJanuary 17th, 2013
a kitchen concoction to ward off the common cold (not for the faint of heart)
Anti-Reflux Paste for BabiesFebruary 20th, 2015
A natural alternative to gastroesophageal reflux medication for your little bambino
Archerfriendly BarsDecember 20th, 2011
3 different bars, each offering a quick 7g protein snack
Archerfriendly Google Search Awards of 2011January 1st, 2012
the most entertaining search entries that led to a visit at archerfriendly
Are You a Relational Scrooge?February 27th, 2012
are you generous with your love towards others?
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)January 8th, 2012
an ayurvedic herbal treasure that's excellent for adrenal fatigue
Autumn Spiced Pear Cake (Vegan & Gluten-Free)November 23rd, 2015
Tender and earthy bundt cake with cinnamon, cloves, & allspice
Avocado SandwichSeptember 21st, 2009
freshly sliced avocado atop lightly toasted bread, drizzled with olive oil and sea salt
Back to School Peanut Butter & Jelly BarsSeptember 4th, 2012
a new & healthy way to eat your PB&J
Bacon Dates a JalapeñoNovember 28th, 2011
salty bacon hugs a jalapeño stuffed with a juicy date
Baked & Broiled Hot WingsJanuary 23rd, 2012
a natural, lick-your-fingers wing sauce slicked on baked and broiled chicken wings
Balsalsacue SauceMay 6th, 2014
Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce made with balsamic vinegar, salsa, molasses, cloves, & coffee
Balsamic Roasted Marionberry Coconut Milk Ice CreamAugust 23rd, 2013
ever wonder why you feel gross after you eat too much ice cream?
Be Nerdy, Get HerbyOctober 5th, 2011
nerd up on one herb every month
Be True to Yourself Even When No One Likes ItNovember 5th, 2012
it takes courage to honor your real self
Best Underwear for Men: Tighty Whities WinNovember 26th, 2012
celebrate movember by giving your scrotum a lift
Beth’s Mini Gingerbread MenDecember 12th, 2011
a quinoa based mini version of the classic ginger cut-out
Black Beluga Lentil Breakfast SoupNovember 13th, 2013
proanthocyanidins provide the earthy while coconut milk secures the creamy
Blackberry Buckwheat MuffinsAugust 25th, 2011
a blackberry buckwheat pancake with maple syrup in disguise as a muffin
Blue Flag (Iris versicolor)July 5th, 2012
useful for slow digestion, fat maldigestion, eczema, liver detox, and pretty skin
Blueberry Blackberry PieAugust 6th, 2016
Gluten-free, sugar-free, whole foods based, & easily made 100% vegan
Book Review: Maxed Out by Katrina AlcornJuly 23rd, 2015
When you take care of kids, you have to take care of their parents too
Calendula (Calendula officinalis)September 9th, 2013
Useful for wound healing, burns, diaper rash, skin inflammation, & peptic ulcers
Cardamom & Date Sweetened Black Bean BrowniesMay 29th, 2012
a classic brownie enchanted with cardamom for regality
Cardamom Coconut BurfeeDecember 12th, 2012
white beans and coconut oil make a vegan Indian sweet
Chamomile (Matricaria recutitia)October 14th, 2013
useful for eczema, nausea, peptic ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, & anxiety
Chamomile Cranberry MuffinsNovember 26th, 2013
tart cranberries in a tender muffin with a surprising pop of nutmeg
Checklist (and Costs) for Becoming a Naturopathic Doctor in Washington StateMay 30th, 2014
most of these I didn't know until after graduation
Chocolate Beet Cupcakes with Chai FrostingApril 27th, 2016
Earthy, sweet, gluten-free and vegan
Chocolate Blueberry & Kale SmoothieJanuary 3rd, 2015
a recharging blend of my three favorite health foods
Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter BallsFebruary 24th, 2014
a protein packed delicacy
Chocolate Walnut Freezer BarsFebruary 13th, 2012
cold chocolate protein goodness
Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)December 6th, 2012
useful for pneumonia, insulin resistance, heavy periods, and diarrhea
Classic (Almost Vegan) Black Bean BrowniesOctober 24th, 2013
a whisper of espresso brings this brownie to life
Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum)November 18th, 2013
useful for tooth pain, topical anesthesia, cavity prevention, & insect repellency
Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon)December 6th, 2011
cranberries are great for preventing urinary tract infections
Creamy Kohlrabi & Leek SoupOctober 24th, 2011
leeks and kohlrabi were made for each other in this creamy vegan soup
Create Your Holiday Feasting ProposalNovember 14th, 2011
craft your plan for healthier holiday eating
Curry Root FriesFebruary 25th, 2010
oven roasted root vegetables with mild curry seasoning, hints of coconut, and a cayenne kick
Dairy Free & Sugar Free Peanut Butter FudgeApril 15th, 2013
creamy, salty, sweet, and packed with protein
Dairy-Free Stevia-Sweetened Salted Hot ChocolateJanuary 6th, 2016
Paleo hot cocoa with the perfect amount of coconut milk
Days in the Life of the Neverending ColdFebruary 25th, 2013
3 weeks of sniffles, ear infections, ear drum ruptures, fevers, herbs, and antibiotics
Dear Wendy’s Eating College GuyJanuary 21st, 2013
sexy diet tips for the food dud
Detox Every Day – Series Will Return SoonJuly 6th, 2011
time to start up your mini detox program
Detox Every Day 1: Eat OrganicOctober 3rd, 2010
decrease your pesticide exposure by eating organic
Detox Every Day 10: Go Scent FreeSeptember 26th, 2011
choose your liver over your sniffer
Detox Every Day 2: Watch Your DrinksJuly 15th, 2011
let up on your liver by cutting back the coffee and alcohol
Detox Every Day 3: Drink More Water, Pure WaterJuly 23rd, 2011
your kidney water park needs more water
Detox Every Day 4: Eat CruciferouslyJuly 31st, 2011
feed your liver the perfect detox fuel
Detox Every Day 5: Get Off Your ButtAugust 9th, 2011
move your body, move those toxins
Detox Every Day 6: Take Your VitaminsAugust 15th, 2011
Time to be a pill popper for the sake of detox
Detox Every Day 7: Amp Up Your Fiber IntakeSeptember 4th, 2011
eat more fiber to put those toxins where they belong: in the toilet bowl
Detox Every Day 8: Sleep Like A BabySeptember 13th, 2011
close your eyes, take your liver to the detox spa
Detox Every Day 9: Stop Being So SureSeptember 19th, 2011
Be sure of your health, not your pits
Detox Every Day: Do You Do All 10?September 30th, 2011
change your days to detox every day and you will change your health
Dino Kale Caesar SaladMarch 29th, 2016
Lacinato kale ribbons tossed with a creamy, dairy-free and egg-free dressing
DIY Calendula Infused Olive OilSeptember 26th, 2013
DIY skin treatment
DIY Onion Cough SyrupOctober 31st, 2016
Boosts the immune system, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, & soothes a sore throat
Do You Have The Fever Phobic Mama Bug?May 17th, 2011
fever facts specifically for the mamas infected with fever phobia
Do You Have the Personality of a Bulldozer?March 8th, 2012
when you are the bulldozer and others are the rubble
Do You Still Have the Fever Phobic Mama Bug?June 27th, 2011
kick that fear germ to the curb
Dr. Archer’s Healthy Holiday Eating GuideDecember 23rd, 2013
wellness tips to counteract the not-so-healthy holiday eating
Dr. Archer’s Simple Cold & Cough TeaJanuary 6th, 2014
two herbs with one goal: get better ASAP
Dropping the Ball While Trying to Balance EverythingOctober 9th, 2014
Being a Doctor, a Wife, a Mom, and a Writer with OCD and a special diet
Eating Archerfriendly Over the HolidaysNovember 20th, 2011
why archer eats the way she does during the most wonderful time of the year
Echinacea (Echinacea angustifolia)November 3rd, 2011
useful for the common cold, sore throats, mastitis, and infections
Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)February 4th, 2013
useful for the common cold, the flu, and overall immune support
Everybody Love the Grilled BeetsMay 27th, 2013
if the Wendy's Eating Husband likes them, you will too
Exercise Your Life #1: Run with TimeMarch 19th, 2012
exceptional health requires well managed time
Exercise Your Life #2: Wrangle Your Health Care Costs & BenefitsMarch 21st, 2012
saddle up your health horse and ride it yourself
Exercise Your Life #3: Lick Your Greenbacks Into ShapeMarch 22nd, 2012
budget the money it takes for your health to flourish
Exercise Your Life #4: Stop Swimming in ChaosMarch 26th, 2012
clear out the chaos to clear up your health
Exercise Your Life #5: Clean Your NestMarch 28th, 2012
better your health with a pristine house
Exercise Your Life #6: Strengthen Your Core RelationshipsMarch 30th, 2012
make peace on the inside with the key people in your life
Exercise Your Life: Six Areas to Sweat it OutMarch 16th, 2012
upcoming series on life areas to shape up for better health
Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)March 5th, 2012
useful for diabetes, dyslipidemia, and enhancing maternal lactation
Fishing For FeedbackFebruary 17th, 2010
what topics do you want to see?
Four Supplements to Consider Taking During Pregnancy to Make the Best of Your Baby’s HealthApril 27th, 2015
Research based supplement options to maximize the health of your growing nugget
From Mama’s Mouth to Baby’sFebruary 29th, 2012
How Mama's Diet Can Affect Her Breastfed Baby
Garlic (Allium sativum)January 7th, 2013
useful for bronchitis, ear infections, cardiovascular health, and cancer prevention
Get Feisty for the Sleep Your Body NeedsSeptember 16th, 2013
you're the only one who's going to make your sleep happen
Ginger (Zingiber officinale)April 9th, 2012
useful for nausea, motion sickness, digestion, dysmenorrhea, & atherosclerosis
Ginger & Turmeric Peach PieAugust 23rd, 2016
A plant based version with an herbal twist
Ginger Up Your Baked Strawberries & PearsMay 17th, 2012
lime & ginger animate spring time strawberries in this light dessert
Giveaway: Whole Foods Gift CardFebruary 22nd, 2012
celebrating 100 likes on facebook
Gluten-Free Whole Grain Pizza CrustOctober 8th, 2012
high fiber, allergy friendly, and sweetened with a whole pear
Gobble Up Collard Roll-UpsJuly 19th, 2012
raw collard greens spun with natural turkey and fresh oregano
Grilled Kickin’ Piña Colada ChickenMay 24th, 2012
ginger smooched & served on thick slabs of grilled pineapple
Having a Baby and Setting a Boundary with Your Parent at the Same TimeApril 29th, 2014
one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do
Hibiscus Peach Upside Down CakeSeptember 2nd, 2016
This gluten-free dessert is a total win: healthy + tasty
Hiking Through Fear and ForgivenessAugust 3rd, 2012
hope delivers strength to combat fear
Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)November 12th, 2012
useful for interstitial cystitis, aluminum detox, bedwetting, osteoporosis, and pretty skin
How Can You Protect Another’s Vulnerability?July 12th, 2012
shielding another's potential for shame ushers blessing
How to Make Golden Milk SyrupJune 13th, 2017
Made with only three ingredients: fresh turmeric root, honey, and black pepper
How We Do Peanut Butter & JellySeptember 26th, 2016
Collard greens win first place for the healthiest PB&J
I Found Hope When I Least Expected ItDecember 26th, 2012
hope fulfilled heals the despair of the past
I Heart Sugarless Sugar CookiesFebruary 11th, 2013
vegan & gluten-free heart cookies with vegan beet frosting
I’m In a Constant No Win SituationMarch 26th, 2013
The Case of “Excessive” Time Wasting at the Thrift Store
I’m Starting a Private Practice and it’s Called Archerfriendly WellnessAugust 27th, 2015
It will be a unique, sustainable, primary care micropractice
If You Give A Kid A Cardamom PodJuly 1st, 2013
lots of learning can happen with just an herb
If You’re Going to Eat a Chocolate Bar, Eat This OneOctober 27th, 2014
the most blood sugar balanced chocolate bar I've ever found
Introducing Little Arrows ClubJune 29th, 2016
unlimited, integrative, naturopathic pediatric program
Is Your Birth Location Breastfeeding Friendly?August 3rd, 2011
choose somewhere that supports and encourages mama's milk
It’s Hard to Bless Your Body If You Hate ItMay 10th, 2012
bless your health by loving yourself
It’s Here! Archerfriendly Wellness is Now OpenOctober 26th, 2015
So happy with where I work, and I know you'll love it too
Kashmiri Red Lentil ChiliMarch 12th, 2012
Texas meets the Middle East in a bowl of soup
Kids & Junk Food: What Are Your Standards?October 21st, 2013
get intentional with your kid's junk
Kiwi Berry ObsessionOctober 14th, 2010
vitamin c fruit nuggets
Lavender LemonadeJuly 13th, 2015
All natural pink lemonade with some herbal excitement
Lentil Curry Soup with BroccoliMarch 7th, 2016
Fresh turmeric & ginger offer anti-inflammatory benefits and an authentic Indian taste
Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)April 1st, 2013
useful for ulcers, inflammation, hepatitis, herpes, coughs, adrenal fatigue, & much more
Liposomal Glutathione Is My BFFFebruary 29th, 2016
Gives me energy, boosts my motivation, & sharpens my focus
Longing for the Past Can Be a Symptom of Unhealed GriefMarch 25th, 2015
Make room for the new good things
Make Your Own Health Management NotebookOctober 22nd, 2012
bless your body by documenting your health journey
Make Your Own Marshmallow Root Cold InfusionAugust 20th, 2012
let's play with the herb of the month
Make Your Own Thai Peanut SauceJanuary 24th, 2013
perfect for swimming rama
Making Space for Tears Makes Room for LaughterMarch 18th, 2013
it's hard to let it loose when there's no time to do so
Mariachi Quinoa SaladApril 30th, 2012
a tangy fiesta for your tongue
Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis)August 8th, 2012
useful for belly pain, bladder pain, dry cough, and lactation
Matilda’s Dad & the Coors Light DrinkerJanuary 27th, 2014
They Have a Lot in Common
Men: The 1 Thing You Must Do Before Shaving That Movember MustacheNovember 21st, 2013
schedule your yearly check-up
Metro Curry Roasted Cauliflower & KaleJuly 9th, 2012
two cruciferous veggies oven-infused with modern Indian flavors
Metro Curry SeasoningFebruary 24th, 2012
a modern take on India's best flavors
Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)February 6th, 2012
tonifies, detoxifies, protects, regenerates, and restores the liver
Millet Crusted Chicken TendersMarch 12th, 2013
ginger adds a sassy pop while millet orbs make for a crunchy coat
Most Popular Posts in 2013January 3rd, 2014
protein powder, blood draws, and men's underwear take the cake
Mr. Arsenic Is A Bad Guy & He Ruined Your RiceSeptember 24th, 2012
mr. arsenic has muddied your allergy friendly food but he doesn't have to muddy you
Muchi Crock-Pot Chicken CurryJanuary 16th, 2012
chicken stewed in coconut milk with 14 different Indian spices
Mung Bean Breakfast SoupJune 11th, 2012
tender mung beans in hot creamy coconut milk
My Favorite Baby Feeding GadgetMay 12th, 2014
the Munchkin brand feeder is the perfect tool for solid food introduction
My Favorite Rehydration Drink: Salty LemonadeJanuary 26th, 2015
An alternative make-in-your kitchen electrolyte drink
My Kids Are Getting Organic Jelly BeansMarch 29th, 2013
20 & 25 for sanity's sake
My Number One New Year’s Health ResolutionJanuary 4th, 2013
lights out by 11pm
My Three DadsOctober 31st, 2013
my real dad, my step dad, and my pretend dad
My Top 10 Life Events in 2013January 1st, 2014
a new house, two new jobs, and basically new everything
My Two Month Instagram #sweetenershun Is DoneMarch 3rd, 2016
I strictly avoided all sweeteners for 2 months & here are my thoughts from the torture
Naturopathic Medicine Has Options for A-fibMay 20th, 2013
natural medicine can complement the conventional treatment of atrial fibrillation
No Wonder Your Allergy Meds Aren’t WorkingMarch 19th, 2014
A nutrient deficiency or gene mutation could explain your severe seasonal allergies
Obligation Is SuffocationJune 21st, 2012
honor the gift of your presence by releasing yourself from obligation
Paleo Pumpkin Pie Ice CreamNovember 30th, 2010
coconut milk & butternut squash dairy-free ice cream with a pumpkin spice bite
Pass the Pea Milk, PleaseJune 1st, 2016
Allergy friendly, dairy-free, soy-free, low-carb, grain-free, & high in protein
Pear Milk SmoothieNovember 11th, 2010
nutmeg and pears dance together in this cool autumn drink with coconut milk and walnuts
Pear Walnut Spice MuffinsOctober 17th, 2011
muffin meets pear, and they dance in warm autumn spices
Peeps Are CheapApril 23rd, 2011
Easter bunny sugar poisoning
Picky Baby? It’s Normal.September 20th, 2012
Pull out your creativity instead of the hot dogs
Poor Man’s Crab CakesSeptember 5th, 2009
seared zucchini cakes seasoned with Old Bay and finished in the oven
Protein Powder: 7 Tips to Find the Best OneJanuary 30th, 2012
if you eat protein powders, this is a must read
Pumpkin CurryNovember 20th, 2009
gingered gold hubbard squash cooked in coconut milk with muchi curry powder
Purple Yam & Buckwheat Cinnamon RollsApril 3rd, 2017
Dr. Archer's favorite gluten-free & vegan breakfast
Raising Emotionally Connected KidsJuly 23rd, 2012
address the emotional cause of misbehavior
Raw Massaged Kale Detox SaladJune 30th, 2014
the cruciferous dish to change the kale-hater's mind
Re’uth Turned 2August 19th, 2013
reflections on Re'uth's birth two years ago
Recovering Bulldozers, Think SailboatJune 14th, 2012
navigating life as a sailboat is a much more graceful way to live
Recovering from Natural Health AnxietyOctober 15th, 2012
nail polish helps archer lighten up
Red Lentil Pumpkin Monster CookiesNovember 19th, 2012
the red lentils add protein, fiber, texture, crunch, and festive decoration
Red Thai Crock-Pot Chicken CurryMay 2nd, 2011
chicken bathed in galangal, lemongrass, and red chili infused coconut milk
Red Thai Turkey Burgers with Cilantro Lime Aioli in a Napa Cabbage WrapJuly 7th, 2016
A gluten-free Thai turkey burger without any panko breadcrumbs or eggs!
Reflecting on the Home You Grew Up InNovember 20th, 2014
I place high value on a healing home especially because I didn't grow up in one
Reflections on Thirty ThreeApril 24th, 2017
grief, hope, and life
Right Now Doesn’t Mean ForeverAugust 27th, 2012
there might be something else for you tomorrow, something better
Roasted Balsamic Strawberry Ice CreamJune 10th, 2016
A sweet taste of summer, made with pea and coconut milk
Roasted Marionberry Popsicles {Dairy-Free}July 30th, 2012
coconut milk cuddles marionberries on a popsicle stick
Rustic Teff BaguetteJune 20th, 2011
teff shows off its nutty and sweet brilliance in this moist, hearty table bread
Saigon Maple Mashed YamsFebruary 16th, 2010
red garnet yams creamed with coconut milk, maple syrup, and saigon cinnamon
Salted Pumpkin Seed Christmas BarkDecember 20th, 2012
chunky, crunchy, chewy, dark chocolate treat
Save Your CuticlesJanuary 10th, 2011
stop pushing them back to prevent nail infections
Scaredy Cat BrowniesOctober 28th, 2013
the less fear, the more you
Schedule Your GriefJuly 3rd, 2014
though it may sting, the freedom it brings is beautiful
Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius)May 13th, 2013
may be useful for atrial fibrillation and edema caused by a cardiac condition
Securing Your WordPress InstallationJuly 10th, 2013
ditch the default "admin" user account
Selah Turned FourApril 9th, 2013
redemption is still being sewn
Shiitake Mushrooms (Lentinus edodes)September 17th, 2012
useful for cancer, HIV, immune deficiency, and high cholesterol
Should You Get Blood Work Done Every Year?December 14th, 2016
Dr. Archer's recommended annual blood tests
Show Up for Your Own WellnessDecember 2nd, 2013
your wellness may require you to do things you don't want to do
Sliced, Layered, & Roasted Yams n’ PearsApril 2nd, 2012
infused with fresh ginger, saigon cinnamon, and creamy coconut milk
Sometimes Hope Is Hard to Find at ChristmasDecember 23rd, 2012
you can write a new Christmas story
Spinach, Banana, & Ginger SmoothieApril 26th, 2012
sweet banana & spicy ginger whirl up in your greens
Sprouted Lentil & Yellow Beet SaladFebruary 1st, 2016
A colorful & unique vegan salad that highlights the awesomeness of raw sprouted green lentils
Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioca)May 7th, 2012
different plant parts are useful for allergies, BPH, and damaged kidneys
Stokes Purple Sweet Potato Coconut Milk Ice CreamJuly 23rd, 2017
Vegan, paleo, and sugar free
Stop Codependently Giving Your Kids JunkOctober 7th, 2013
Who will win at snack time: Teddy Grahams or organic carrots?
Strawberry Cacao Ice CreamJuly 15th, 2010
Local frozen strawberries flirting with cacao nibs in full fat coconut milk
Strawberry Coconut Quinoa CupkinsJune 1st, 2011
almost a cupcake, not quite a muffin
Strawberry Rhubarb Scones with White Chocolate GlazeJuly 9th, 2017
Sugar Free Easter Cookie Cutouts (Gluten Free & Vegan)April 14th, 2017
A super healthy, allergyfriendly version of the classic roll out cookie
Summer Harvest Basil PestoSeptember 19th, 2016
The best nut-free basil pesto
Supplement-Free Ways to Improve Your Seasonal AllergiesApril 14th, 2014
a bit OCD, but they sure do work
Supplements for Sniffling BairnsOctober 2nd, 2013
what Dr. Archer gives her girls when they get the common cold
Sweet & Salty Chocolate Chai Granola BarsMarch 11th, 2014
so good, our nanny asked for the recipe
Sweet Potato Toast S’MoresMay 26th, 2017
A gluten-free and grain-free way to make s'mores
Switched to CFLs for Earth Day? Beware.April 23rd, 2012
maybe you should reconsider, especially if you have kids
Switching Up My Collard Roll UpJanuary 9th, 2013
my mom, my love of questions, and my lunch
That Time When I “Ran Away With a Forty Year Old Guy from the Internet” Part 1January 29th, 2015
Having the courage to speak out against evil
That Time When I “Ran Away With a Forty Year Old Guy from the Internet” Part 2February 9th, 2015
Finding a fresh start with the Dozen Kid Family
The Best Vegan and Gluten-Free Pumpkin PieNovember 15th, 2012
Betty Crocker might not like what I did to her pie recipe
The Day I Made Cookies for the Wendy’s Eating HusbandApril 26th, 2017
Dr. Archer makes cookies with lots of sugar and cow butter (gasp)
The Gluten Free Eating Husband?August 3rd, 2014
the post I never thought I'd be writing
The Message of the BlessingMay 21st, 2012
tell your body she's worth it
The Wendy’s Eating Husband’s 30th Birthday MenuMay 2nd, 2014
the WEH wanted archerfriendly food and Dr. Archer bought candy
There and Back AgainAugust 13th, 2013
a doctor's tale of finishing clinical board exams and living to tell about it
This Bread Is My RansomMarch 8th, 2013
the one food that saved my sanity during the neverending cold
This Isn’t ItMay 6th, 2015
When what you feel called to do isn't working out
Three Things I Learned About Myself in My Quest for a Better Work-Life BalanceOctober 10th, 2014
stopping to reflect on this summer's busyness
Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)October 1st, 2012
useful for bronchitis, whooping cough, asthma, and urinary tract infections
To Sew RedemptionFebruary 20th, 2012
can unraveled life threads be woven into beauty again?
Tom Kha Gai SoupOctober 10th, 2011
creamy, sweet & spicy chicken Thai soup
Top 10 Ways to Make Babyfriendly FoodMay 14th, 2012
a naturopathic guide to introducing solid foods in your baby's diet
Top 5 Supplements for Seasonal AllergiesMarch 25th, 2014
Say goodbye to histamine
Travel, Exploration, & Adventure Are Good for YouFebruary 3rd, 2014
can new adventures bring healing in unexpected places?
Triple Black Vegan CakeSeptember 3rd, 2013
black beluga lentils, black forbidden rice, and blackberries
Triple Ginger Coconut Milk Ice CreamApril 16th, 2012
creamy & dreamy, triple spiced with ginger, and soothed with honey
Turn Your Head and Cough: A Teenager’s NightmareJune 29th, 2015
A letter to adolescents about the male genital exam
Upcoming Talk: Solid Food IntroductionFebruary 18th, 2014
Start Your Baby on Healthy Whole Foods
Upgrade Your Kitchen, Upgrade Your HealthJuly 26th, 2012
14 things to upgrade in the kitchen for better health
Using Pears as a Sugar SubstituteOctober 17th, 2016
Decrease your sugar intake with whole foods
Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)October 7th, 2011
useful for anxiety, insomnia, pain, intestinal spasms, and kidney stones
Vegan Gluten Free Pie Crust (Without Coconut Oil)October 29th, 2012
The pie crust recipe your body asked for
Vegan Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free Cranberry Orange BreadDecember 23rd, 2018
So healthy it's almost a superfood
Video: Six Natural Supplements to Help Your Kids Better Tolerate VaccinesFebruary 26th, 2015
Boost your child's health before, during, and after vaccination
Video: Tell Your Story, Heal Your BodyFebruary 11th, 2015
My first archerfriendly video
Video: Where Can You Sign Up for Prayer?May 24th, 2016
Spiritual and emotional wellness is a crucial part to whole health, even if it's hard to find
Video: You’re Not Who She Said You WereJune 13th, 2016
Other people don't see you the way your mom did
Visit Me at the Bastyr ClinicDecember 28th, 2010
come and see what we're about
Vitex (Vitex agnus castus)June 4th, 2012
useful for PMS, low progesterone, endometriosis, infertility, and more
Watermelon SherbetJune 26th, 2012
frosty watermelon whirled with coconut milk and a kiss of lime
Welcome, Penny the LabradoodleFebruary 18th, 2016
A furry addition to our naturopathic lifestyle
What I Did Last FallJanuary 20th, 2015
Kind of a catch-up of sorts
What I Gave Up for Lent (It Didn’t Really Work)April 21st, 2014
eating archerfriendly is not always easy, but stevia helps a lot
What Makes You Strong?October 9th, 2017
Doing all the hard things that will make you well
What My Everything-Free Kids Eat for LunchJanuary 29th, 2013
my kids avoid gluten, dairy, soy, tree nuts, and more
What Naturopathic Pediatric Care Really Looks LikeApril 14th, 2016
Treating each child individually, as a whole, to find the root cause of illness
What the Heck is a Naturopathic Doctor?May 31st, 2012
a naturopath is the most savvy source for your natural medical care
What We Spent on Supplements in 2013January 20th, 2014
You're not alone when you spend $200 on supplements every month
What’s Your Motivation for Healthy Holiday Eating?December 9th, 2013
value wellness over your weight
When It Feels Like You’ve Lost YourselfSeptember 7th, 2016
You are found the moment you realize you are lost
When Life Is Hard, We Learn Good ThingsJune 24th, 2016
I thrive when I get rest
When the Church Abandons You in Your GriefMarch 10th, 2016
The deep need for your community to show up for you
When the Watermelon Breaks, Get Out of the KitchenMay 28th, 2013
redesigned recipe cards after some kitchen mayhem
When You Can See Your Own Emotional Junk & Can’t Stand The Sight of ItMay 27th, 2014
be the nicest person you have ever known—to yourself
White Bean Chocolate Chip CookiesApril 7th, 2016
gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, junk-free
White Bean Pumpkin Chai SconesOctober 24th, 2017
Allergy friendly & whole foods based. Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, & nut-free.
WishGarden Herbal Remedies Giveaway!May 16th, 2013
2 winners will each receive 3 tinctures
Yellow Pea Flour Blood Orange Pound CakeFebruary 7th, 2017
If healthy pound cake is a thing, this is it
Yellow Pea Flour Pumpkin Chocolate Chip MuffinsNovember 20th, 2017
Lower carb muffins featuring Frontier Co-op's organic pumpkin pie spice
You Can Call Me Dr. ArcherJune 27th, 2013
I received my doctorate in naturopathic medicine
Your Body Does Not Need Any More CandyNovember 4th, 2013
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